Download & Install Windows 11 OS

How to Install Microsoft Latest Operating System on Your PC

Windows 11 is already here! Before downloading it, you do not have to wait any further; you can have it here now. Follow the step-by-step approach and have the new OS installed on your PC.

Microsoft has already made “Insider Build” available. You have to be a Windows Insiders account holder to get the new version, as demonstrated in the previous article here.

The fantastic news is anyone can become a Windows Insider.

However, kindly note that the Insider Program might not be as stable as you would want it to be compared to the generally released version. However, if you are willing to handle a few rough edges, you can get the Windows 11 software downloaded on your PC now.

Let’s get started!

Suppose you are currently running the Windows 10 OS version and would like to upgrade to 11, first check if your computer meets the basic system requirement for the latest Windows version. Kindly refer to chapter one to acquaint yourself with the minimum requirements.

The second thing to do is you have to become a Windows Insider. One advantage of an Insider is that you have the privilege to get new updates before the generality of people does. That way, you can test things out and provide feedback to Microsoft to help them fine-tune any product before finally rolling them out.

To become a Windows Insider, locate the “Taskbar” at the bottom left side, and type in the search bar “windows insider.” Select the best march, as shown below.

A new screen opens up, asking you to join the “Windows Insider Program.” Click “Get Started.”

In the pop-up screen that shows up, “Select an account to get started,” select “Link an account.” Select the account you want to use for the Windows Insider Program,” assuming you have more than one registered account. However, if that is the first time you are running through such software, you will be redirected to the website to create a new account. Kindly note that the process of registering a new account and signing up to the “Windows Insider Program” takes about 24 hours.

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Once you select an account and opt into the “Windows Insider Program,” select your “Insider” settings. Kindly refer to the previous tutorial on “Windows Insider Program.” However, be aware that you have three optional channels you can select. Kindly select “Dev channel.”

Please select “Windows Update” on the left side and check for updates on the next screen that opens. Once you’ve seen that, click on it to start downloading Windows 11.

Once it finishes downloading, it will keep off the installation process.

Once the installation finishes, in the next screen, click “Restart now.” Kindly note that your computer might restart a few times to complete the process.

Once that is done, boom! You now have the new Microsoft Windows 11 software.

Windows 11 Setup:

Windows 11 software will require a Microsoft account and an internet connection during the setup process or installation.

After installation of your new Windows 11 OS, the setup process begins.

First, you need to select your country or region from the list that displays on your screen.

Choose the right “Keyboard layout” or “Input method” you prefer in the next screen that opens. You have US, Canada Multilingual Standard, and many other layout options to choose from in the list displayed. Kindly make your selection. You also have the option to add any other keyboard layout that is common to you. Click “Yes” after selecting your preference.

Once you’ve done that, please be patient while the system checks for updates.

The next screen that displays will require you to add a Microsoft account. If you already have one, kindly input it in the box provided. Remember, you can use your email, phone number, or Skype to log in if you previously created one. Otherwise, click "Create one."

If for any reason, you do not want to create a Microsoft account during the setup process, you could allow the update process to complete its cycle.

Please note, if you do not want to create a Microsoft account during the Windows 11 setup process, do not use the internet.

Once the update is complete, the next screen that shows requires a name you will always use to access the device. When done, click “Next.”

In the next screen that shows, enter your “Password” and click “Next.”

The next screen that displays will require you to “Choose privacy settings for your device.” Ensure to select your preferences. When done, click “Next.”

Once done, please wait a few minutes while Windows 11 configures your settings.

Boom! Your Windows 11 is fully configured and ready to use.

Create Microsoft Account:

To effectively utilize Windows Operating System (OS) on your PC, it is necessary to have a registered Microsoft account. What is a Microsoft account and why do I need one, you may ask?

Microsoft account is a username and password that lets you sign into products and services from the tech company. Some of these products and services include- OneDrive, Office, Xbox, etc.

If you sign in with different devices with one account, you carry your activities with ensuring you do not miss anything. For instance, you access your documents, bookmarks, and emails from any device without having to carry your PC along. You can also access any information you saved on OneDrive, which is a Microsoft product, from any device with your ID, including your smartphone.

One benefit you get from having a Microsoft account is free storage on OneDrive. OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud storage service that enables its subscribers to save files and media on a more reliable platform. You can sign into OneDrive from any device and share files and media with anyone. OneDrive is akin to iCloud from Apple.

Another benefit of having a Microsoft account is access to an online version of Microsoft Office. That is an online version of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You can create documents, edit them, and share them with people.

Suppose you create an email account with Hotmail at perhaps 14 years. That means you might already have a Microsoft account.

If you also use Skype, Outlook, Experts, and Office 365, you might also have created a Microsoft account. You can also decide to create a new account on the Windows 11 PC.

Besides, there are many other benefits you derive from having a Microsoft account.

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