Microsoft Windows 11 Features to Promote Productivity

10 Latest Updates for the New Windows Operating System

One of the most anticipated tech things is Windows 11.  It is no longer in doubt Windows 11 operating system (OS) is already here. The new Windows OS brings with it a lot of visual changes and refinement generally. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through some of those changes that make the new Windows outstanding.

1. The "Welcome" screen: Immediately you finish installing Windows 11; the newly updated “Welcome” screen will display. The welcome screen has been completely redesigned from scratch that requests the user to create the user account and activate the location, diagnosis services, and more. The welcome screen simply looks fantastic.

Microsoft has taken Windows to the next world with the release of version 11. In a word, they have made a lot of improvements to the system user interface.

2.The Task Bar:

One major change on the new Windows is the “Task Bar”, which is now located in the middle of the display. It is also necessary to note that you can customize that and change it back to the left. However, the default location of the taskbar is now at the center.

They have also added rounded edges to everything around the taskbar. If you click the “Start,” for example, you will see the corners are rounded.

There is also a “Start” menu Windows logo.

When you click the “Start” menu button, the “All app” option displays all the installed apps at the top-right. The “Start” menu now looks more like an Android app launcher.

The “Start” menu is divided into three sections, as shown above. The top sections show the “Pinned” apps, which are easily customizable using the right-click bottom.

The center section shows the “Recommended” section. This section provides a suggestion about the recent changes that have happened in the PC. You can also right-click to customize to your preference.

The third section captures the “User ID” and the “Power” button.

3. The Improved Search:

Microsoft has done a lot to improve the “Search” option. The “Search button is located in the taskbar immediately after the “Start” button.

Like macOS, Microsoft has added many options to improve the capabilities of the “Search” option on Windows beyond what you can imagine.

You can search for almost anything you wish on the “Search” bar. For example, you can search for contacts, news, perform mathematical calculations, search for files, etc.

As you can see also, the “Search” menu is divided into different parts, starting with your most “Top apps,” Recent,” “Quick Searches.” The old ways to manage a Windows OS are still available; you can customize them to suit your choice. 

4. Enhanced Task View and WorkSpaces:

Next to the “Search” bar on the taskbar, Microsoft has introduced a new icon it calls “Task View.” It is also known as “WorkSpaces.” With Windows 11, the “Task View” is quite instructive to point you to the tasks you need to do with ease. It has simplified the “WorkSpaces,” making it straightforward to navigate across the system.

When you click the “Task View,” it shows up multiple desktops starting with “Desktop1,” “Desktop 2,” “New Desktop.” You can close the desktops if you do not need them. You can also switch between the desktops.

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When you minimize all the opened apps, tapping the “Task View,” you will see all the opened apps to select the one you want to open.

You can organize the “Work Stations” according to your workflow. That means you are in full control of your system operations.

You can also use a shortcut to switch between desktops or workspaces, as we shall see later.

5. Microsoft Teams:

“Microsoft Teams” has a new design with Windows 11. “Microsoft Teams” is a unique feature that ensures more close collaboration between teams. It ensures teams stay organized and have discussions in one place. Inside the team, you can have discussions and meetings. The feature is also enhanced so you and your team members can share files during your conversations.

Microsoft Teams have two different types of channels. That is, Standard and Private.

The standard channel is the Teams type that is open and available to people. While the Private, as the name suggests, is private for only a targeted, focused audience.

Microsoft Teams is now located on the main screen display at the left side down, as shown below.

Microsoft Teams comes with several options you can take advantage of, such as “Cut,” “Copy,” “Rename,” and “Delete.”

6. Enhanced Widgets and MSN Feed:

Microsoft is bringing “Widgets” back to Windows.  The “Widgets” icon is close to the “Task View.”

When you click to open the “Widgets” icon, the “Weather,” “Suggestions for you,” “Exports,” and “Calendar.” You can customize the size of these “Widgets” to reflect your preference. You also can to add a “Widget” of your choice, like sports, etc.; as you use the new Windows 11, you will discover that the transition is very smooth, even for a starter and seniors.

The MSN news feed is now more like that of Android.

7. Applications New Look:

With Windows 11, apps have been redesigned, wearing new looks.

Apps like “Settings,” “Microsoft Store,” etc., are wearing new designs.

8. Snap Layout:

If you open the Microsoft Edge and switch to “Home,” for example, and hover over the maximized bar, you will see what they refer to as the “Snap Layout,” as shown below.

Those are the most commonly used layouts, just like how you can drag an open window from the top to the left, right, or center. However, now the commonly used layouts have been provided by default with the new Windows 11. For instance, if you want the open window to go to the left, click the left snap layout. That will give you the space to open another window.

The “Snap Layout” is useful; for instance, if you are connected to an external monitor, the system will remember your layout option when you leave and get back to your main device.

9. File Explorer:

The “File Explorer” has also been updated to match what has been available with newer icons and all the other stuff you will expect on it.


10. Settings:

“Settings” has also received some changes in the new Windows 11. However, you can reset the “Settings” to access it the old way if you are used to that. So, instead of the control center, you now have “Settings.”

You have everything organized to the “Settings” left, as you see in the photo below.

Windows update has been updated as well, not only that it is now faster, but also it has smaller installs. Microsoft hinted that it would be updating that yearly for new features, which is a deviation from the bi-annual update, as we used to know.

The fact is, all the items on the “Settings” are now wearing a new look with ease of navigating around them, including:

Bluetooth and Device, Network Internet, Personalization, Apps, Accounts, and others.

Microsoft has shown much consistency in all the apps in the new Operating System, ensuring that users get the best experience in all; that indeed is fascinating to observe.

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