Windows 11 Compatibility: Find Out if Your PC Qualifies

How to Check if Your PC Qualifies for Windows 11

To effectively determine if your computer is compatible with the latest Windows 11, it is necessary to use a Windows compatibility tool.

A few people who visited the Microsoft website when the new Windows was released could glean the compatibility check tool they had put up. That caused some confusion, and the tech firm had to pull it down with a simple note, “Coming Soon,” shown below.

As an alternative, you can look at the minimum system requirement and compare those to your computer.

Looking at the system requirement and comparing that with your PC might be hard. The possibility you do not know where or how to check each of those values on your computer suffices. In this article, you will learn how to use a free, open-source tool to know whether your computer qualifies for Windows 11 update.

The tool is called whynotwin11. You can download it from the website

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Once you download the software on your PC, navigate to your download folder to the left of your computer screen.

Double click on the “WhyNotWin11” folder in the box, as shown above.

Once done, “Your Windows 11 Compatibility Results are Below” will display on your screen. The results you will see are based on the “currently known requirements” of your PC.

Hopefully, you will see many green “Ok” checks on the right side, as shown above. That shows how your PC compares against the requirements that Microsoft has published. It also compares the current known requirements. Please note that the current known requirements could change at some point. That can help you identify whether any of the components can be upgraded or enabled on your computer. For example, in the TPM, many computers are shipped with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) but are disabled by default. You can enable TPM in the Bios, as you will learn later on in this book.

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