Windows 11 Insider Preview: Be the First Review

How to Install Windows 11 Insider Program

In this tutorial, you get to understand the first official Windows 11 builder from Microsoft.

The first Windows 11 builder is available inside the “Windows 11 Insider Preview.”

Windows Insider is a program from Microsoft that allows users to test other versions of Windows. Other versions of Windows are not stable; not yet ready for launch. Such programs are found on the Windows Insider program. They are solely for “testing” and “Feedback.”

If you want to test the first build of Windows 11 yourself, it is straightforward, and you can conveniently do it yourself.

Install Windows 11 Insider Program:

You are already familiar with Windows 11 Insider Preview. Having a better understanding, you may wish to install it and test the new version yourself, which requires a straightforward setup. To install the Preview, kindly follow the steps below:

Locate “Settings,” the gear-like (⛮) icon at the bottom center of the main screen.

Once that opens, scroll down and select “Windows Insider Program.”

In the next screen that opens, you will be required to enter your Microsoft account; kindly do so.

Once done, click “Pick your Insider settings.” That is, the type of testing category you would like to carry out. The options available include- “Dev Channel,” which is ideal and highly recommended for tech enthusiasts’ users. This aspect shows you the codes or computer language the version is written. If you want to get all the Windows 11 built, this option is best for you.

Another option you can select is the “Beta Channel.” The “Beta Channel” is recommended because it is best for early users. It has better reliability, and Microsoft validates every update with this option. This option is also better chosen because the developers give any recommendation here utmost attention.

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The third option is the “Release Preview Channel.” This option is recommended to preview some bug fixes and major features of the new Windows version. You also have access to the next version of Windows before it gets to the general users. The “Release Preview Channel” option is recommended for commercial users.

Suppose you picked the first option; usually, you will get a default message “Your Windows Insider account requires attention to get Insider Preview builds.” If you select “Fix the problem,” it will not respond appropriately. Instead, select “+ Link a Windows Insider accounts.”

Once that option opens, select your email and click “Continue.”

The next screen that opens will request you protect your account. You can add another email address to the box provided. The purpose is to ensure you do not lose your account if you, for any reason, forget your password. The alternate email will help you recover the same.

Once you have done that, you will receive a security code on your alternate email address on the next screen that opens. Kindly ensure to keep the code safe.

Once done, you already have the Windows Insider Program running.

Next, go to “Settings” and select “Windows update.” Any updates will display on the screen’s right side.

If you found a new update, click to download. The download may take up to 15 minutes; it is a fairly large file. The download may also speed depends on your Wi-Fi connection or data source and the system type you are using.

Kindly note that they are pretty unstable when downloading the Windows Insider Preview; therefore, installing them on your main device is not recommended.

Also, note that you cannot install the latest versions if your device does not meet Windows 11 requirements. It has been noted that Microsoft installs the Insider Preview version even when the user’s computer does not have the minimum system requirement like TPM and secure boot. However, that will only be available in the final version. If you need to test the beta version, it is recommended you have a device that meets all the minimum system requirements for effectiveness.  

However, if your system does not meet the requirement and you still want to test them out, all you can do is install a virtual machine like a workstation. The virtual machine works fine because it has all the required configurations.

Once the download and installation finish, a message will pop up on your screen thus:

Three options are available to install the new Windows 11 features; they include “Restart now,” “Pick a time,” or “Remind me later.”

Suppose you selected “Restart now,” then kindly be patient as your computer restarts. Kindly note that your computer may restart a few times.

Ensure your computer is on; do not let it power off. It is recommended you connect the power adapter to an Alternate Current (AC) source to be


With keen observation as the computer restarts, you will notice that the Windows 11 installation is similar to 10’s installation process, however, with more intuitiveness.

As you watch the installation process, observe when Windows switches to High-Definition (HD) screen.

Once the installation is complete, a “Welcome” message will display.

Once that completes, boom! The new Windows 11, the first official built from Microsoft, opens.

You now can preview the new Microsoft Windows 11 Operating System (OS).


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