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Your Guide for Effective Publishing

The iTokam platform, powered by Carolex Resources Limited, affords you the opportunity to chat, share memorable times, and publish your stories, events, and articles and make residual income.

If you are here it means you are interested in making passive income for yourself. Kindly review the straightforward guidelines below to maximize this fantastic opportunity.   

Kindly check below the guidelines for writing publishable articles/ stories on the platform. Kindly ensure that your articles/stories meet the minimum standard as itemized in the guidelines below.

1. Ensure your articles/stories have a minimum of 650 words.

2. The name you registered on the itokam platform is the default on every article you write          unless you change it.

3. The title should be eye-catching, explicit, and include excellent keywords that syncs with the content.

4. The sub-headings of the article should be shot, clear, and informative. It should relate to the topic of discourse.

5. The introduction should hit the subject's core, and the summary should be beautiful to readers.

6. Every article should be target-driven. Ensure to write in a niche clear enough to attract attention.

7. Your articles or stories should be plagiarism-free. The standard minimum copy is 10%, while the unique document is 90%. Do not copy other people’s articles or stories from the internet to itokam. Such stories will fall short of our standard and will not be paid for, and may be deleted. We already have established practical tools to check for plagiarism. To ensure your article or story meets our guidelines, kindly use Plagiarism CheckerX or any other effective software. That way, you will be sure that your intended publication is unique.

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8. Ensure you rewrite the article or story you want to copy from the internet before sending it to the admin or publishing. You can    use online rewritable tools such as Quillbot AI to help you write articles and stories free from plagiarism. The free      version is available with limited rewriting of 120 words per time. Alternatively, you can get the premium version at a cost. Other article rewriting tools online can also help you out; kindly do some research for them.

9.   The language and writing style should be according to the niche you are discussing.

10. Your articles and stories should not be abusive, inflammatory, or sexually related in language and pictures.

11. Use images where necessary to explain vital points in your article.

12. Ensure to use appropriate cover image on the thumbnail. There are various image editors online to use, such as, Canva and Inshot app. Kindly look out for them, use the web version or install on your device for winning image editing.

13. The cover image should fit properly in the thumbnail to meet our publishing standard. Use image editors to ensure you capture the correct size for the thumbnail. Distorted images are not accepted.

14. The cover image should be copyright-free. Plagiarized images are not accepted.

15. During cash-out, the name on the account you submit must tally with your registered name on the iTokam plaform. 

16. Withdrawals of money earned is monthly.

17. Request for cash-out is on the 20th of every month.

18. Payments begins at the end of the month.

19. To earn points and get paid, ensure to update your profile, including uploading your picture and filling other required fields. 10% of your earnigs will be deducted for failure to include your profile picture, irrespective of your meeting other requirements.

Kindly note that flouting any clause on this Guideline may result in the refusal by the iTokam group, powered by Carolex Resources Limited to effect payment. Please be guided.

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