How to Get a Copy-Right Free Image for Publishing

3 Best Locations for Free Unique Images

Please note that the information you are about to read is not stand-alone content. That means, you need to also read the other publication behind the highted words above for better understanding.  It is not an excellent advise to download an image and start using it immediately without editing. It is necessary to rework and personalize such image to satisfy originality requirement and your intended purpose. 

When writing an article, one major challenge many content writers have is getting an image free from plagiarism.

Thankfully, an increasing number of individuals are realizing that searching for public photographs on Google is a bad idea. While you can conduct searches to obtain authorized photos to use, simply opening Google Image Search and typing in a keyword will return trademarked images that are not available for free use on your content.

This article will show you where to find free, legal images and how to customize them to make them look unique and fit your content on iTokam and other platforms, such as social media.

But, in my opinion, preventing image theft requires more than simply teaching people how to protect their work. Instead, it’s most welcome to assist people in locating tools for legitimate content free from copyright and guide them down a lawful route.

Let's get started on finding free, legal images without further ado.

Sources for Free, Legal Images:

1. Pixabay Images:

Pixabay offers over 2.5 million high-quality images for free, as well as videos and music.

It's difficult to beat Pixabay when you consider the amount of its library and the quality. Unlike other sites in that category whose names include the word "bay," this one does not. However, you can use the images and other content on this site legally. The images were uploaded for use by the authors who created them.

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In its field, the site's library is enormous. Because of the quality criteria, the photographs are often of very good quality, and the site also provides films and vector drawings for use. The site is also under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, which means the rights owners have surrendered all rights to the material.

You will always find appropriate images to use in your articles on the site. All you need is a click of the button to search for your image of choice.

2. Pexel Images:

Pexels, like the previous one, offers a selection of hundreds of thousands of free images to choose from, among other things. Pexel is, without a doubt, my personal favorite. Its library is not as large as Pixabay's, but it contains public license photographs from other websites as well as user submissions. The entire collection, on the other hand, is handpicked with a strong emphasis on quality above quantity.

Pexels has a style of photography that it promotes, and it's one that I enjoy. As a result, I normally start there before moving on to other sites.

Pexels has a unique offering that allows people to select the image size they want to download. While you won't be able to create a custom size or edit the image in any way, there's a good chance you'll find a size that's close enough.

3. Images:

Last but not least, we have StockSnap. Unlike the previous two, StockSnap doesn't have a large image collection library, and you can't select the image size you wish to obtain. However, it includes a large number of high-quality images that are both licensed and free to use.

The uniqueness of StockSnap is in Snappa. Snappa is a web-based design service. It allows you to use its in-house tools to create banners and other social media posts, among other things. It functions similarly to Canva, which is discussed here. Snappa's stock photo library, on the other hand, is free, though, there is a paid version. However, with the free version, you can search through much of it without having to create an account.



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