How to Personalize Free Images

3 Easy-to-Use Platforms to Help You Customize Photos

Now that you have the appropriate image(s) for your iTokam publication, it is best to know how to customize these images to give them the uniqueness they deserve. When you personalize these images, you appear as a professional in your content writing activity, attract more "Likes" and "Read" for your publications, and that ultimately translates to better earnings over time. 

Customizing the image also allows it to fit properly on the iTokam thumbnail. You can, however, customize a stock photo for use on your social media accounts as well. When you customize a free image, it automatically takes away any infringement on rights for content on public domain. Remember that the image is free and available on the internet, which means you aren't the only one who has seen or has access to it. However, when you customize such an image, it becomes unique to you and makes your content stand out. Customizing an image is quite straightforward and is a no-brainer.

You can use a variety of tools to make your stock image stand out by customizing it. But for this article, I’ll discuss 3 of these tools.

1. Canva:

Canva is a web-based design tool that allows you to personalize an image for your publications on iTokam and other social media handles.

Using Canva is straightforward and is a no-brainer. You can use the free version, which is more than capable of assisting you with your designs. If you prefer, you can sign up for the premium version and get access to all of the tools available.

To start using Canva, open your browser and type in the domain name-

Once that opens, if you already have an account, kindly sign-in; otherwise, create an account to allow you access to the website. 

After logging in, type Banner into the search bar and hit enter.

Once that opens, select the untitled template, as shown in the diagram below.

Once that opens, select Uploads, as shown below. That will help you upload the image you downloaded from Pixabay, Pexel, or To do so, go to the Upload Media section of the page and click the Upload Media button.

When you click that, a dialogue box (File Explorer) will appear, allowing you to choose the location where you want your image saved. Unless otherwise specified, downloaded images are usually saved in the Download folder.

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When you've finished downloading the image, simply click it to have it appear on the workspace to the right of the screen.

Once that happens, use the simple editing buttons to get your image customized.

When you are done with the personalization, click Download at the top right and select JPG format. Usually, the default download format is PNG.

Once you are done with the download, the image is now fit for use on the iTokam platform for publishing.

2. Snappa:

Snappa is a web-based design tool that allows you to customize images for use on iTokam and other social media platforms, as mentioned in the previous post. It is similar to Canva and can help you get personalized images for all your posts.

To use Snappa, go to your web browser and type into the search bar, such as Chrome, Safari, or Opera.

You can follow the tutorial that appears on your screen once the site has loaded; otherwise, click Get Started and create an account.

Once your account is activated, select a template to start your design. Choose the Blogging and Infographics template for this tutorial.

Select "Blog Featured Image" from the menu that appears.

Once that opens, select Create From Scratch, as shown below.

Once that has loaded, look for the arrow pointing up and, if desired, select the background (Bkgrnd) that best matches your article. Otherwise, click Upload.

Any background you select will appear on the workspace to the right of the screen. Kindly use the available tools.

Next, click upload to bring in the image you downloaded from Pixabay, Pexel, or

Use the available tools on the platform to get a personalized image for your post.

3. Inshot:

Inshot is another app suitable for editing your images to personalize and use for publishing in the iTokam community and elsewhere.

Kindly download the Inshot app from the Play Store or use the web version to personalize your content.



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