My Experience With Sexual Harassment In Nollywood – Tomisin Oderinde

Oluwatomisin Oderinde, an actress and producer in Yoruba movie circles, is one of the actors and producers who places a premium on hard effort even if talent is present. She is well known for her work in Nollywood. The actress, who has also produced five films under her own name, spoke abo

The shrewd actress remarked that it appears to be increasingly prevalent among the directors or guys working on set, who are taking advantage of the weakness of young women who are trying to make appearances or become recognized as actresses. "If i say I have never experienced it i would be lying but mine didn't come before the role, mine came on set whereby a bigger actor or some crew members will tell you to go sleep in the actors room overnight or their own room but i have never been forced to do so," the actor said. "If i say I have never experienced it i would be lying but mine didn't come before the role, mine came on set.

" They say it, and my reaction is to get angry with them. I have a really foul mouth, but I am able to trash people in a pleasant manner, and then I will leave the set. I don't go to all of the sites, and the fact that I don't has helped me in some ways as well because if you aren't in a rush to get somewhere, you won't run into people who are. I am taking things one step at a time and putting the majority of my attention on my own creations. "There is no room for shenanigans because I go back home as soon as I am done filming at other people's locations," adds Tomisin. "I go to other people's location too, but then it's strictly on filming thing."

"The movie was written for me by a storywriter and it's about a lady named Wura whose parents were killed by her supposed brother in law," the mother of two children remarked in reference to her most recent film, "OJIJI OKAN." She was meant to wed the younger brother of the individual whose services were retained by her uncle in order to carry out the murder of her mom. WURA is in a difficult situation as a result of this predicament. Should we expect her to maintain that kind of relationship or not? "Ojiji Okan" is a film that is full of tension, and it deals with themes such as love, vengeance, and the part that fate plays in the lives of individuals.

OJIJI OKAN Latest Yoruba Movie 2023 Drama |Jaiye Kuti |Mide Martins |Rotimi  Salami |Tomisin Oderinde - YouTube

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Stalker (2018), Iso inu eku (2019), Fifehanmi (2021), and Above the law, which was released in 2021 are some of the other productions she has worked on. She mentioned that she has appeared in dozens of other productions that were done by other people.

Tomisin, who has been working in the sector for the past nine years, stated that the reason she entered the world of make believe was due of her enthusiasm. Back when I was in primary and secondary school, I participated in the school playlets. Consequently, acting comes naturally to me. When I was younger, I expressed interest in pursuing this field of study at university, but both of my parents were against the idea, so I ended up majoring in something else instead. "At this point, they are providing their complete backing," she said.

Tominsin, who is also involved in the otter business, has mentioned that veteran actress Sola Sobowale and talented actor and producer Toyin Aimakhu Adeyemi are Yoruba movie figures that she admires.


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