Almost All The Women In Nollywood Have Left Their Marriages -Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie, a veteran actor in Nollywood, has given a lengthy interview in which he discusses women in the industry, namely the number of women who have divorced their husbands in the hopes of finding better opportunities.

Pete Edochie is best known for his strong and commanding performances in movies, often portraying wise and elderly characters in Nigerian films.

He gained widespread recognition for his role in the Nigerian television series "Things Fall Apart," where he played the lead character, Okonkwo, based on the novel of the same name by Chinua Achebe. His outstanding acting skills and charisma have earned him numerous accolades and awards over the years, making him a legendary figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

This information was discussed in an interview that he gave to Chude, in which he stated, "Many women in Nollywood at the time we started acting film, have all left their marriages."

He believes that many of them departed because they feel the grass is always greener on the other side, and he also revealed that he was astonished to learn about Chioma Chukwuka and Ireti Doyle in their reportedly failed marriages. "Okonkwo" is a nickname that is affectionately given to him.

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While responding to a question about who he likes the most, he stated, "Of all the ladies then, I think Genevieve, she is really a smart woman, she sees me as a father back then when we act in films, although I haven't heard from her lately I hope one day she calls me" (despite he hasn't spoken to her in a while, he hopes she would call him).

In addition, the veteran actor encourages both men and women to remain rooted in their marriages and not continue their nomadic lifestyles, highlighting the significance of the institution of marriage.

In reference to the institution of marriage, Pete Edcohie was quoted as saying, "It's better or for worse, but not for better for us." He also discussed his younger years, including his childhood and the time when he made the decision to begin his career in film acting.

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