Nigerian Idol Season 8 Live Shows Continue As Constance Exits.

The live performances of the contestants competing in Nigerian Idol Season 8 continue to enthrall fans, and Sunday was not an exception to this trend.

It is clear that fans can't get enough of the incredible top 8, as evidenced by the fact that this week alone over 15 million votes were cast. The fact that only one of the competitors would be eliminated adds to the tension that would be there in the shows episode for this week.

Progress, a previous winner of Nigerian Idol, quizzed the competitors on their knowledge of the songs they were set to sing. This encounter was both entertaining and educational, as it evaluated the participants' knowledge and comprehension of their preferred songs.
After the votes were counted from all over the country, Chisom was the first artist among the top 7 to take the stage. He captivated the audience with an outstanding performance of Rema's song "Holiday." The rest of the night was not able to live up to the standard set by Chisom's stunning performance.

Next up was Goodness, who wowed the panel of judges and captivated the audience with a stirring performance of Oxlade's "Kulosa."

A powerful performance of "Paradise Road" by the South African female vocal trio Joy was given by Quest, the third participant to enter the stage. Her performance was so powerful that it gave people chills all over the place.

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Ose Daniel was up next, and he covered Fela Kuti's classic song "Zombie." Fela Kuti's song is considered an iconic hit. The judges complimented Ose on his performance because he gave the song a fresh lease on life through his delivery, which was entirely deserved.

The second contestant to take the stage was Savy Henry, who impressed not only the panel of judges but also the audience with her performance of Asa's top-charting song "Jailer," which was featured on her debut album.

Next up was Victory Gbakara, who accepted the challenge of performing "Prisoner," a well-known reggae tune that was first recorded by Lucky Dube. His performance was full of passion and energy, which paid tribute to the spirit of African reggae, and he captivated the audience with his strong vocals.

Precious Mac and Constance took the stage to compete for the last available position in the competition when they were the only two contenders left. The stress was palpable because at the conclusion of the night, one of them would be in danger of being eliminated from the competition.

Constance's time on the stage of Nigerian Idol Season 8 has come to an end, thus we must express our deepest condolences for this unfortunate turn of events.

An unforgettable rendition of "Umqombothi," a fan favorite by Yvonne Chaka Chaka, was given by Precious Mac as the live event came to a close, and it was nothing short of amazing. The crowd was left in amazement by her tremendous voice and captivating stage presence, which helped her secure a spot in the top seven.


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