Scholarship from the President of Pace University

Scholarships from the President's Office are available to incoming first-year students (matriculated students) at Pace University.

Scholarship from the President of Pace University: Selection criteria emphasize academic performance. Students must maintain full-time status (minimum of 12 credits per term) and attend school full-time during each academic year to be eligible for this award. Successful applicants to Pace University who submit their applications by February 1 are eligible for the President's Scholarship.

In conjunction with other tuition-specific financial help, this scholarship covers the whole cost of attendance at Pace University. The value of this award cannot exceed the cost of attending this school. Keeping a cumulative QPA of 3.0 and showing sufficient academic progress will result in an automatic renewal for a second year. A student's scholarship may be suspended or canceled if they fail to keep up the necessary Quality Point Average (QPA) or keep their academic records in satisfactory condition.

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America's Pace University.


Education at the bachelor level in one of the following fields:

  • degree in chemistry
  • Finance, Bachelor of Business Administration
  • A Degree in Psychology
  • Obtaining a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology
  • An undergraduate degree in information systems.
  • Computer and Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Computing
  • A Degree in International Management
  • Insights into Finance with a BBA
  • A Bachelor of Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing, Advertising, and Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Associate's Degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Scholarship worth

  • College Expenses
  • This award may be used to pursue a first bachelor's degree, however, it will expire after four years from the beginning of the award period.
  • The grant may not be used to pay for expenses other than tuition at Pace, and the total amount of any tuition-related financial aid received by the recipient may not exceed the cost of attendance at Pace.
  • If a student keeps a 3.0 GPA overall and maintains full-time status throughout the academic year (Fall and Spring), their enrollment will be renewed automatically.


Prospective employees must have the following qualifications:

  • Foreign students are encouraged to apply.
  • In the twelfth place, the applicant must have a high school diploma with high honors.
  • Acknowledgment of Fluency in English:
  • TOEFL: 80 Score: 6.5 on the IELTS, 54 on the PTE Lower bound on possible results
  • From the first semester of enrollment, until the student earns their first bachelor's degree, they are eligible to receive the scholarship.
  • With at least 12 credits every semester, students in a 5-year combined degree program can receive the award for up to 5 years.




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