Does massage help arthritis?

Arthritis pain can be a daily struggle, but it doesn't have to take over your life. We look at whether massage can help arthritis

Living with steady join torment might make them ponder - does rub help joint pain? Joint inflammation can be a disappointing and difficult condition. Its principle side effects are ongoing joint torment and solidness, which can make day to day development troublesome and awkward.

There are two kinds of joint inflammation: osteoarthritis, which brings about the breakdown of the ligament that safeguards the joints, and rheumatoid joint inflammation, in which the invulnerable framework erroneously focuses on the covering of the joints. The two sorts of joint inflammation can prompt aggravation and torment in the joints. While knead can't totally resolve this kind of joint torment, it can assist with facilitating side effects of the two sorts of joint pain.

We addressed Jonathan Wills, Director of Operations and Licensed Massage Therapist at The Woodhouse Day Spa, to see whether back rub can help joint inflammation and what sort of back rub is best for ligament torment.

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