Why Gildan T-Shirts are perfect for Customization?

Gildan T-shirts are ideal for customization and perfect look. These T-shirts are available in a wide range of designs and materials according to the requirement.

Gildan T-shirts are a perfect choice to talk about in the discussion of custom t-shirts. Over the years, Gildan has made a name for itself in the custom clothing industry and t-shirt brands. They produce high-quality t-shirts at reasonable prices. Also, they have the best material options for printing your design or logo.


In terms of material, the best thing about Gildan T-shirt is that it is available in almost all types of clothing. If you plan to print a design or logo, these t-shirts are the best to implement. Another factor to consider while choosing material for a T-shirt is its weight. This will give you an idea of how durable the t-shirt is. The Canadian metric system for measurements varies from the metric system in the US. This means a slight difference in how the sizes may appear in both systems. It all depends on which one you choose among the two. Gildan custom material blends fall into four different categories. These are:

Heavy Cotton

For custom apparel design, heavy cotton Gildan t-shirts are the best choice. The t-shirt material weighs 9 oz, composed of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Due to its tight-knit feel and sturdy knit, it is a perfect "mid-weight" shirt. Its heavy-weight fabric is an ideal canvas for printing your design or logo. The best part is that it does not make your t-shirt heavier.

What's it best for:

As classic custom apparel, this heavy cotton t-shirt is versatile. It includes casual, promotional, school spirit, and professional and personal wear. This blend of light and heavy materials is best for outdoor businesses. The Heavy Blend Gildan T-Shirt is classic in fit and available in various sizes and 53 colors. Whether you wear a 5XL size or a small one, you can customize them as per your need at a reasonable price.

Ultra Cotton

The material ultra-cotton consists of 100% pure cotton. It is more suitable for the heaviest t-shirts, available in pre-shrunk quality. The weight of this type of Gildan T-Shirt is 10.1 oz. You can dry it in a dryer. For those with a moderate-heavy stature, this t-shirt is a great choice. Furthermore, it also has a durable and appealing print design.

What's it best for:

The ultra-cotton, like the heavy cotton tee shirt, is a versatile custom apparel item. This t-shirt is ideal for warmer climates due to its light feel. It also has a firm fit that won't shrink and wrinkle easily. The Gildan Ultra-Cotton T-Shirt is stylish and durable. It is available in 51 colors and sizes, Small to 5XL.

Soft Spun

The 100% ring-spun cotton soft spun Gildan t-shirt weighs about 7.5 oz. The manufacturing process of ring-spun cotton differs between heavy and ultra-cotton t-shirts. Ring spinning is one step farther in the process than cutting the yarns into smaller pieces. The process continues until they are all the same size. Ring spinning involves fast rotating yarns around a ring device. This makes the yarn thinner by twisting the fiber in the same direction. The tighter, interlaced threads provide a softer, smoother t-shirt that lasts longer. Compared to ultra-cotton or heavy Gildan T-shirts, soft spun t-shirts are ring spun to feel lighter.

What's it best for:

As compared to ordinary Gildan t-shirts, ring-spun t-shirts are more expensive. This is because they need more attention to detail during their creation. This type of t-shirt is best suited for any event or company, provided you are willing to spend a bit extra. This t-shirt is perfect for companies that want better quality customized t-shirts. Their staff will love it because of its soft material and premium pricing. Also, a soft spun t-shirt has the lowest shrinking potential. You may wash and use it without losing its toughness or softness.

Heavy Cotton Blend

This type of Gildan t-shirt is also called DryBlend. It combines a cotton/polyester combination weighing 5.6 oz. Polyester gives softness and durability. At the same time, cotton contributes to breathability. Flexible fabric results from both the comfort and moisture-wicking properties. It keeps its shape and fit after every wash, is quick dry, and shrink-resistant.


What's it best for:

A heavy cotton blend Gildan t-shirt is best suited for you if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. At the same time, it is also the one if you are searching for quick drying and sweat-resistant t-shirt. It can withstand several washes, so you can wear it many times. The best part about the DryBlend t-shirt is that it does not lose its original fit or form. These help design staff uniforms, casual sports tees, or team spirit clothes. The Gildan Ultra Blend 50/50 t-shirt is available 20 colors and small to 5XL sizes.

Main Points

Gildan t-shirts are a must-have item of bespoke clothing for every company or event. These t-shirts are durable since they do not tarnish or fade your modifications. Also, they provide the ideal canvas for printing graphics and logos. The process of designing a Gildan t-shirt is very simple and ea

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