A Step-By-Step Guide to Earning Massively from YouTube Videos

A Practical Guide to Financial Freedom

Do you know that YouTube makes about $15.5 billion and pays about $10 billion a year to YouTubers? You can get a chunk of that money!

The fact is, you can make loads of money from YouTube, just like anyone else can. Importantly, the process is pretty straightforward, so you can learn it and start almost immediately if you wish.

The process is so simple that it can take you a few minutes to do it. You can create a YouTube account using your Android or iPhone. If you have a laptop, you can conveniently create one also.

Without much ado, let’s get started on how to create a YouTube account/channel.

Create a YouTube Account/Channel:

I already have an article where I explain step-by-step how to create a YouTube account; click here and scroll down to YouTube Channel to get all the details.

Making Money from Your YouTube Channel:

Once you have your account and channel set up, the next thing to do is get your videos rolling. What I mean is, start uploading your videos to your channel so that people will start watching and subscribing to you.

Kindly note that YouTube is structured in such a way that before you can start making money from the platform, you need to have at least one thousand (1000) subscribers to your channel. Your channel also needs to have four thousand (4000) watch hours. That sounds tougher than you imagined, right? But can I tell you something: it is pretty easy to get to that minimum threshold and surpass it over and over. Look at it this way: if you are on WhatsApp and have more than a thousand friends, relatives, customers, etc., on your account, that is an excellent starting point. What you can do, like most newbies on YouTube, is to set up a group chat or a blast soliciting for your friends and other WhatsApp contacts to please subscribe to your YouTube channel; trust me, most of those people will oblige you. Ditto to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, iTokam, Twistock, Tiktok, etc., friends. It will amaze you how you will surpass the requirement for monetizing your channel in such a short time.

The next hurdle you need to cross is getting the minimum required watch hours. This is easy to do and requires your commitment and consistency. What you can do is to ensure to upload or make up to ten (10) posts daily. Keep uploading videos to your channel. You may want to repeat a video showing different stuff from the previous one, just make sure to keep posting daily.

How to Get People Watch Your Videos:

One way to go about that is by twitting interesting stuff relating to your video and attaching your YouTube link to it.

You can also chat with your friends on WhatsApp about new videos on your channel and attach your link.

You can also leverage Facebook groups and your friends on the platform to get your stuff from your channel, and do not forget to add your link so it becomes easier for them to get directed to your channel.

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What Types of Videos to Make?

The videos you upload or post on your channel do not have to be overbearing. If you are thinking about what videos to make and upload on your channel, here is a clue: Go to Twitter and check the trending topics. For instance, you might notice that sports, music, fashion, politics, etc., are trending. Pick what attracts you most and make videos about it. You can also look out for trending videos on YouTube and follow the same pattern with your unique offering.

You can make videos on things that are happening in the political space, fashion, religion, etc.

If you have a set of skills you think people would like to learn about, that makes your work simpler. For instance, if you know how to dance, you can teach people how to dance and the different dancing steps to take at different times as the occasion fits. Yours might be cooking different food types. You can make videos on how to cook different dishes and keep uploading them on your channel. If you are a comedian, start making short video clips and keep posting them on your channel. If you are a preacher, keep preaching short video messages with different titles and uploading them on your channel. Watch what happens after a while. The list is endless of what videos you can upload or post on your channel.  Go ahead and keep making videos in that area of interest bit-by-bit and keep uploading them on your channel.

Do not think those little ideas of yours are worthless, it will amaze you that people are looking out for them when you finally post them on your channel. Keep uploading those little things you think are trivial and people are not going to buy into. Keep uploading them and watch what happens to your channel and bank account.

After Getting up to 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours Video Watch Time, What Next?

Once you hit the minimum threshold, the next thing to do is apply for monetization.

Monetization is the term that describes how you make money from your channel. To monetize your channel, you have to create a Google AdSense account for YouTube. A Google AdSense account is easy to create and is a no-brainer. All you need to do is click the highlighted link above and get started. You can also visit the Google AdSense website to create your account and link your channel for monetization. You can also contact the iTokam team for assistance with setting up an AdSense account and linking your channel for monetization.

Once you set up your AdSense account, Google will mail you a code, or PIN, which you will add to your account number to fully set up your AdSense account. The process is easy and direct. Once you are done, you will start earning big time from your efforts on YouTube.

As your subscriber base increases with new videos you upload daily, you can make up to $30 or more on one video. Multiply that to the number of videos you have and check how much you can make daily. However, it takes some time to build your base. Yes, some of your videos may go viral, but gradually, you will build a massive base that brings in recurring passive income month after month.

Some Important Tips:

Also, give your videos mild titles. Resist the urge to put up crazy and sexy titles in an attempt to attract the attention of viewers; this may restrict Google from displaying ads on your video. Instead, use mild-mannered titles. Over time, your videos will keep ranking and the money will keep rolling in.

As much as possible, let your video length be no more than 5 minutes. The longer the videos, the better, because that will give Google better ad space, which eventually translates to money for you.

Do not do videos concentrating only on yourself for the videos you make. The reason is simple, after a while, viewers may get tired of watching just you alone, which may wane their interest in your videos. Instead, do videos with a larger concentration on other people and a few on you. If at all, you must appear in those videos.


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