3 Reasons Why People Involve In The Act Of Cross Dressing

Some believe anybody involving in the act of cross dressing is a transgender, but that isn't always true

Some people have the misconception that cross dressing is synonymous with being transgender but that is not always the case.


Cross dressers are people that wear clothes and other items which are not associated with their genders. Two(2) of the most popular cross dressers in Nigeria which are Bobrisky and James Brown have openly identify themselves as females. However in these article, we are going to discuss 3 other reasons why some people involve in the act of cross dressing.


1) Comedy

some comedians use cross dressing to make people laugh and one comedian that have successfully use cross dressing for comedy is Aloma Isaac junior, popularly known as Zicaloma. There are still others like Taaoma and Iye Osakpolor.

Comedians and skit makers are constantly finding new ways to make cross dressing funny to their fans.


2) Comfort

This is another valid reason why people involve in the act of cross dressing. Most ladies can attest to the fact that some men's clothes are very comfortable, it is not every time that females are in the mood to dress up in ladies wears, they rather opt for trousers, button up shirts and other menswear.

It is not only the females, some guys also wear female clothes for comfort, men may put on a loose skirt so they can freely do activities such as cultural dancing.


3) Disguise

Many people have used cross dressing as a form of disguise when they don't want to be recognized by people, because cross dressing is a perfect form of disguise for popular people or celebrities in situations where they don't want to disclose their true identity.



In conclusion, it should be noted that when you see a person that involve in cross dressing, do not immediately conclude that he or she is a transgender, they may be other unknown why they are dressing like that.

Dominic Imhonopi

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