Always Keep On Praying

Always remember to pray. Always be thankful, no matter what occurs, because this is God's will for those who belong to Christ Jesus.

According to Psalm 88:9, "my eye goes dark from grief." Every day, O Lord, I pray to you; I extend my hands to you. Make a point of emphasizing that verse.


It makes no difference what your life circumstances have been. Regardless of how many setbacks you've had. You may not comprehend everything that is happening to you right now. Things appear to be getting worse, not better. Your bills are building up as well. Don't allow Satan trick you into thinking God has forgotten about you. God will make a path for you where there appears to be none right now.


You may not see any progress, but that doesn't imply it isn't on its way. God is ready to grant you victory and to give you the power to triumph. How? Never stop praying! Today is a new day, and with a new day comes a fresh chance for God to accomplish something new for you. But, while you're waiting, wait with anticipation. Believe in your heart that God can bring about a transformation.


The Most High God notices when you begin to have a mindset of now faith. It may not appear to be working out. But here's the spiritual trick: Have an expectant attitude when you pray to God. Approach God with confidence and boldness. Never stop praying! Why? Because God's goodness has the power to transform even the most difficult situation.


When you have a stable foundation in Jesus. Reading God's Word provides you with the strength you need to withstand Satan's deceptions. You don't have to be concerned when confronted with unsatisfactory or even unfavorable circumstances. God hasn't forgotten about you. The route will get increasingly brilliant as you follow the light. Never stop praying! When the path appears to be too difficult, Jesus happily comes to your aid. Everyone who believes in Jesus gets access to His presence and power.


Always trust Him, always love Him, always worship Him, and always enjoy His presence. Spend time with Him on a regular basis, not just on Sunday mornings. Jesus desires a heart that is fervently dedicated to Him. Many people hear the Gospel frequently but are uninterested in it because they lack the Holy Spirit. It all starts with heartfelt prayers in Jesus' name.


The quality of your spiritual life, you see, is directly proportional to the quality of your prayer life. Stop focusing on what you can't do and start focusing on what God can achieve. What matters is not where you are, but where God can take you and what He can do for you. What an incredible fact!


Concentrate on the Great Savior! Invoke Him! He would want to hear your prayers. What does the Lord need to do for you? God desires to do excellent and fresh things in your life. This is not the time to give up. That is exactly what the devil will try to persuade you to do. Don't give up praying! Never, ever give up! This is the time to pray and give thanks to Him! Raise your hands and say, "Lord, I pray for your help every day!"

Alfred Genius

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