‘Real Madrid vs Napoli final’ ‘Osimhen will win it & move to Chelsea for £200m’ – Wild Champions League predictions

‘Real Madrid vs Napoli final’ ‘Osimhen will win it & move to Chelsea for £200m’ – Wild Champions League predictions pour in

An increasing number of African fans are confident that Napoli and Victor Osimhen can win the Champions League.

On Friday, the Partopei received a positive result in the Champions League quarterfinal when they were drawn against AC Milan.
Napoli are on the verge of winning the Serie A title for the first time since 1990 thanks to the stellar play of Nigerian forward Victor Osimhen. But can they also win a continental championship?

Fans on the continent of Africa are beginning to think that this is Osimhen's year to win the UCL after the team's fortunate draw.



‘Real Madrid in the final’

The Partenopei, led by Osimhen, have the confidence of @Sani_ATK, who thinks they can go all the way.

They tweeted, "Would love a Real Madrid vs. Napoli final, and for Osimhen to win it for them."

Is it possible that the Partenopei, led by the Super Eagles' top player, will win both the Italian and European championships this year?

Prepared to defeat Los Blancos, @YouKnowJim hopes that Napoli will defeat Real Madrid, the most successful team in the tournament's history, in the final.

On social media, he expressed his desire to see Napoli and, more particularly, Osimhen beat Real Madrid in the final.


George Weah Milan Ballon d'Or

Definitely a future Ballon d'Or winner
With some luck in the UCL, Osimhen could follow in George Weah's footsteps and become the first African player to win the Ballon d'Or since 1995, says Ikenna A. Ojoboh.

He predicted that if Napoli were to win the Champions League, Osimhen would be awarded the Ballon d'Or.


Drogba 2.0
After the Patenopei eliminated Eintracht Frankfurt, Comrade Mweusi believes Osimhen is ready to follow in the footsteps of yet another famous African.

Witnessed Napoli's match, and "for sure this guy Osimhen is a fighter," he added. A future Drogba, as it were.

The 2012 UCL champion, Drogba, left behind an intriguing question: Could Osimhen repeat that feat?


Romelu Lukaku Inter 2022-23

The next Lukaku?
Fans are undoubtedly amazed by what Osimhen has accomplished in Italy, but some have cautioned that Osimhen's goal-scoring prowess in Serie A is no guarantee of his success in the Premier League.

A number nine who excels in Serie A and moves on to achieve great success in the English Premier League, as tweeted by @Slick_Pharaoh10. That doesn't happen very often...

It's true that "I like Osimhen, but the things he is doing [Romelu] Lukaku used to do as well" applies to what he's doing right now.


Graham Potter Chelsea 2023

Set to sign for Chelsea

South African journalist Mmina Tlou has forecast one last battle with Chelsea before relocating to Stamford Bridge this summer.

The Blues' vast following in Nigeria is almost guaranteed to approve of such a move.

They predicted that Chelsea and Napoli would meet in the championship game, which would ultimately lead to Osimhen's transfer to the Blues.


Luyanda Phahla is convinced that Osimhen's stock will skyrocket now that he seems to be headed for the departure.

On Twitter, he predicted that if Osimhen were to win a UCL, his valuation would rise to £200 million.

Which European teams would be ready to part with such a large sum of money?

In the end, would the price of keeping him at the team be prohibitive?
A Champions League title for Osimhen, according to @Dgeneraal, would scare off any prospective bidders.

One could read that "Napoli is definitely getting to the final" was written. As the saying goes, "If they win, Osimhen starts too expensive..."they are not in a position to sell even if they wanted to."


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