Peach Blossoms in Online Games Author: Liuli Weiyue

Put the task goods away peach open the world task to

Put the task goods away peach open the world task to see unexpectedly is only a clue let them go to find the Lord of Daqin City I didn't even mention the task reward Is it not necessary to take the task as long as you know that the next link is to find the Lord of Daqin City Peach asked out her doubts Bear MM nodded "because three related NPC were killed the stage of the task reward is gone can only provide you with some clues but the final reward is still there" Most of you are also going for the reward of the devil Peach sighed She had no feelings about ruling the demon world and gaining power And she has a knife and she doesn't want the ultimate weapon or anything She was wronged by the two sisters It's not worth losing one level for a clue With the consent of the lotus peach decided to make this clue public to compensate the two sisters so that they can also do the second ring task Second to make them angry not to let fewer people know she told the world ~ ~

Peach put the task screenshots and bear MM instructions are posted in the forum not a few seconds on the top of the refinement and soon skyscrapers rise Finally set off a wave of world task hydraulic fitting supplier wave a large number of players poured into the Great Qin City each show their magic for Duoduo City Lord issued the next link clues Originally a few people know the secret but under the peach's disturbance it has become a hot topic all over the world This taste makes the elites who killed three NPCs in a row really itch their teeth Peach is a bad thing except for its flat mouth! A man gnashes his teeth After releasing the world mission peach clapped her hands with a sense of accomplishment looked at the time and found that it was time for lunch He turned to Lian and said "Lian BOSS is not here today Would you like to come to the White Dome Restaurant for lunch" In fact the Dome Restaurant is mainly a dining hall for public officials in the BOSS Fortress It is divided into three layers The first layer is Chinese food the second layer is Western food and the third layer is a rare ethnic dining place with special taboos or dining habits

Mostly in the form of buffet peaches like to run all over the third floor put all their favorite food on the plate and then sit back on the first floor to eat Lian's eyes flashed and she nodded I'll wait for you on the first floor next to the nearest food Peach and Lian made an appointment got off the line with great interest and went to the restaurant Mr Tattoo I'll fill it for you "I was so sorry last time Are you all right now" "Wait I'll wipe it for you" "Let me do it and I'll help you undress!" "Hey sir why are you running" As soon as Peach entered the restaurant she saw the tattooed man who had been executed with Oso last time She hurried up to greet him courteously and served the tea well But she didn't think about it The tattooed man had a plague expression on his face He didn't even carry the plate and ran away from the door Look at the agile skill it should be almost recovered Peach thought comfortingly Not knowing what Lian liked to eat hydraulic fitting manufacturer the peach put together a portion according to its own taste and sat waiting for Lian to come The peach leans on the chin suddenly smells the shampoo to mix the warm breath knew probably was the lotus to come excited looked up and lotus's line of sight He was wearing only a bathrobe his wet hair was still dripping it had already hit his chest and formed a large water stain and his white jade feet were bare on the cold brown marble floor

The peach trembled a little and the lotus in reality had more of her fear than in the game Under her cold appearance the feeling was like the snow on the crater The surface was very cold but the internal force was waste water and flame which made people worry about when she would erupt and gush And aggressive masculinity Lian good The peach trembled to give up the place she had made and then changed the plate back and asked Lian to sit down I don't know your taste So Lotus wiped the hair that made him feel uncomfortable sat beside the peach put her hand on the peach's leg very naturally and touched it very naturally Peaches prick and move like the devil in her dream! Endure for a while the peach can not stand a jump high said to the lotus wait for me like a rabbit to fly out Lotus has maintained the beginning of the posture carefully feel the warmth in his hands a little bit disappeared just as his red eyes from the flow of crimson into a dry purple brown

He wanted to kill the lotus was stained with magnificent charm the Adam's apple moved and he longed for the splashing and warmth of blood just as he longed for her Long white fingers stroked the silver hairpin and suddenly disappeared in place All the people present did not expect that the second young master would suddenly go mad Too late to stop he was about to poke his chopsticks into the chest of the tattooed man who was walking downstairs to the door The tattooed man was unlucky enough to meet the peach early He was frightened by her hospitality He was afraid that the boss would be jealous and suffer again He fled quickly and then ran to the second floor to eat by the window Add a good meal he is like to go back to eat away from this place of trouble did not expect to just carry the plate down was launched crazy young master to catch He hasn't felt better since he provoked peaches! It's like being cursed this scourge Out of trust in the young master's technique-even though he can stab people to death with chopsticks-the tattooed man chose the latter between his life and the sacrifice of his left hand Regardless of anything else he blocked his heart with his muscle-tangled left arm

Hey Lian why did you come out Peach holding several dry towels looked at Lian standing beside the tattooed man in surprise Don't be a door-god Congratulations "Congratulations" The gatekeepers who passed by patted him on the shoulder and sent their best wishes to him congratulating him that he was still unharmed after Master Lianhua's action He no I should say she broke the law that someone must die with a wave of the sickle The peach knelt on the seat and wiped the hair of the lotus sitting next to her Like a big dog he gently let her comb her hair at will and when it hurt he twisted his head This makes the peach's fear evaporate more than half feel that the lotus is cold on the surface in fact very approachable When BOOS appeared in front of them with the cold wind peach and lotus were eating and chatting normally and lotus was wearing a scarf on her head


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