Fire and Ice Chef

The people of God remembered an old saying "It stinks to death

The people of God remembered an old saying "It stinks to death thirty miles against the wind" Although the wind here is not small the yellow gas seems to be frozen in the original range there is no sign of dissipation The cat is laughing like a silver bell in the corner How can the fox of the whole auxiliary system be easy to deal with As a fox-headed strategist among the beasts its attack control over Warcraft and summoned beasts is more flexible than its own and what it erupts in front of its eyes is the super auxiliary skill that it has just acquired after evolution the fox fart field It's not just a fart it's a domain formed by stench which is not elegant but it's definitely one of the strongest auxiliary domains in the world of Warcraft Chapter 222 read the solid backing of ice In the yellow gas except for the fox that ran away the bodies of the nine summoning beasts were frozen in an instant Then the first change was the official who had just been shaken and driven back

The poor chrysanthemum pig who had just changed from purple to pink was once again abnormal under the cover of the stench However this time the storm was even more violent Guan Guan's already huge body swelled a few minutes in an instant and became even fatter Then under the effect of the stench Guan Guan's pig eyes turned deeper black With a crazy roar he flew up with huge ears A circle of black air rose around his body The huge body out of thin air was another animal blood boiling And this time it's even scarier The cat was surprised and said "Wow really the blood of the beast is boiling" That that this fart is really strong unexpectedly all Warcraft in the domain scope strength instantaneous promotion two stages All Warcraft appeared the same change except for the blue eyes their eyes turned black their bodies swelled without exception while the officials launched attacks they all used their strongest attack skills to rush to the six gods who had burst their orifices

At this time the gods hated the fox with obscene eyes but they had no energy to find the fox at this time that was breathing heavily in a corner although the fart was very cool just now but the consumption of its own is also huge at this time its golden red hair has become dim He is blinking his small eyes and indecently watching the Warcraft go into a state of rage The power of his fox fart field is great As long as it is covered the coverage will move with the movement of Warcraft In this field all beasts will enter the realm of super madness which is what the cat calls the promotion of two stages Although the time is not very long it is very terrible to suddenly promote Warcraft in two stages At the same time human beings in this field It will be affected by the stench and its strength will drop by about 20% This field of fox fart is also one of the strongest auxiliary skills of the fox Although the duration of the realm is limited needle valve manufacturer the time for those gods to explode is also limited Nian Bing in the air while constantly releasing the magic auxiliary halogen and

Oscar while looking at the front of the fox that action that super auxiliary field also startled him at this time he understood Among the many summoning beasts of the cat the real king is actually a fox that looks obscene The madness of those summoning beasts even the six gods after the cave burst can not rush out I can only protect myself in a state of stalemate Nian Bing understands At this rate the cat is likely to personally avenge his parents and clansmen Even if you want to challenge a cat with so many pets alone If you want to win you have to use despicable methods to make it possible Time is passing by minute by minute As the fourth spell is completed the red hexagram at her feet has burst into an unusually strong red light Finally her fifth spell begins to sing Although the gods in the field were anxious there was nothing they could do about the situation in front of them Nian Bing Lu Oscar and the cat's pets entangled nine gods and although the holy teacher rushed into the army of the undead like a tiger into a flock of sheep he wanted to rush through in a short time It is also very difficult not to mention beside Youyou there is an evil moon whose strength is still above the holy teacher

Evil month at this time is also very surprised he did not expect to read ice and others will be strong to such an extent those magical and overbearing magic arrows coupled with their own strength evil month know that now are fighting on both sides either side is not their subordinates can deal with Now he is gloating instead With the free labor force of Nian Bing the possibility of success is even greater I am the messenger who manipulates the crimson fireworks of the world and I hereby demand the fulfillment of the ancient forbidden contract 12 needle valve The faint sound of singing suddenly became high the speed of singing became faster and the tone was no longer so unpredictable every word was rising in the high and she opened her arms

The red ball of light which had become the size of the palm was floating in front of his chest and the golden light from the seven sealed bottles of Merodas had been rendered into red and black and the light rushing into the sky was becoming more and more solid Seven bottles are constantly trembling making a buzzing sound a golden symbol constantly flowing on the bottle the spell has entered another stage and the faint pretty face the holy breath has become more intense At that moment a loud dragon song sounded from the distance the sound of the dragon song was distant and loud followed by six dragon songs in succession seven dragon songs interwoven into a wonderful melody in the air seven colors of light accompanied by the sound of the dragon song sounded from the distance seven huge figures came to the ice valley at a speed that was difficult to distinguish with the naked eye The majestic atmosphere of the Dragon King made the atmosphere in the ice valley more dignified The dark dragon king Katjesis who was black with a faint golden light led the other six dragon kings to finally arrive The situation that had been in favor of Nian Bing and the evil moon became complicated and confusing again The evil moon's face changed slightly He knew that all he could rely on now was himself and his men He knew the strength of the seven dragon kings very well because the two sides had already made a feud last time Can you resist enough time The evil moon showed a cold look on her face and raised her right hand The zombie kings vampires and necromancers who had been guarding him moved in an orderly manner


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