Illusion God

Four consecutive attacks four consecutive flashes of blue light this is more

Four consecutive attacks four consecutive flashes of blue light this is more than that after each flash the strength of the little white cat has increased significantly when the fourth hit his strength has basically increased by 40%! This! What is this In the face of this strange scene everyone was surprised to open their mouths no one can understand what happened so directly hit by four different attributes of magic but not only nothing but the strength increased this is how one thing ah However do not understand not to understand do not understand not to understand all girls are very clear the battle is not over so the attack must continue do not believe in evil and then a group of four different elements of magic whistling toward the little white cat jumped past Ouch! In the face of the flying magic the little white cat stubbornly lowered his head crystal blue big eyes shining with the light of perseverance turned a blind eye to the four magic rushed past! Boom! Boom! Bang

Again four muffled sound the little white cat again through the four attacks not only this after this crossing his strength again increased by 40% so far the state of the little white cat has been more than the beginning a full horizontal 80% of the strength ah! This is beyond anyone's comprehension! This time the little white cat did not give the mages the chance to launch magic rushed into the line-ups of the little white cat has no way to restrict only a moment of time 40 girls Cold Drawn Tubes were all scratched by him completely unable to continue to attack Fortunately I shouted to stop in time otherwise the girl who was caught on the ground I'm afraid her face will be scratched but Although the battle stopped all the girls did not relax one by one looking at the proud white cat standing in the middle of them what is this thing It can't be killed! Like them I was surprised but unlike these girls I could communicate with the little white cat with my heart after all The little white cat is my phantom beast and our spirit is shared! In my inquiry

I finally understand as a cat he can die nine times in a row and then resurrect nine times each resurrection can enhance the strength of one tenth if the death of nine times in a row can enhance the strength of one time this is the king of the cat family exclusive special powers! Looking at the little white cat with emotion I didn't expect Cat has nine lives this old saying unexpectedly is true the little white cat actually has nine lives not only that and other ordinary little white cat is different as the king of the cat family after each death unexpectedly can enhance the strength of one percent this is simply too terrible! Looking at the little white cat with a wry smile I couldn't help thinking just now he was obviously deliberately hitting those magic and then relying on death to improve his strength if he deliberately avoided with nine lives Cold Drawn Steel Tubes as well as the strength of the growth of stunts these 40 girls just deal with it enough it is no better than Xiaoqiang to deal with ah! Thinking for a long time

I finally silently ordered the little white cat after this move is not allowed to take the initiative to use this is the little white cat's ability to save life ah can not leak do not leak good especially in training with these girls unless they progress to the white cat really can not avoid otherwise not allowed to take the initiative to use! After listening to my words the little white cat readily agreed to come down after all In any case death is not a good thing ah although there is this stunt but who will be idle to die ah! On the other side leisurely busy all the girls once again restored as before just They looked at the eyes of the little white cat has begun to show fear this can not be killed no matter how powerful you have to fear you can not kill him he will kill you ah! After I promised again and again that the little white cat would not break through the magic barrier by force finally The battle began again this time in the face of four magic encirclement and interception the little white cat did not fight hard but deftly retreated avoided and looked for other ways to crack! In this way the situation finally stabilized and the war situation was once again deadlocked and no one could do anything But soon everyone found another problem although the little white cat could not get close but they could no longer hit the stone on the back of Xiaoqiang Whenever there is magic approaching the little turtle sitting under the stone will block the attack with the green tortoise shell behind it No matter what magic it has no effect in front of the little turtle's green and glittering tortoise shell and it disappears without exception

Looking at everything in front of me in horror I couldn't help being shocked What is this Hundreds of magic fell on it and it was all right! This But not me all the girls are stupid what kind of phantom beast is this So much magic hit it even precision welded tubes if how hard there must be a limit ah but this is good magic fell on his body in addition to flashing green light there is no reaction looking at his face comfortable it seems that there is no sense of impact! Practice had to stop again as long as the basalt block in the girls attack one side the girls will never be able to hit the stone so that training has become an impossible task this problem must be solved otherwise the formation of the mage must be adjusted! While all the girls were discussing I asked the little turtle through my heart It doesn't matter if I don't ask I was really shocked when I asked!

As a result of giving up the attack giving up the speed giving up the ability to recover so basalt has a super strong defense this defense is too strong so strong that unless the strength is twice as strong as basalt otherwise it can not cause any damage to the tortoise shell of basalt it can be said that the tortoise shell of basalt is that basalt sacrifices speed attack and recovery ability in exchange! Do not know whether to laugh or cry looking at Xiaoqiang back leisurely basalt one time I do not know what to do for less than his defense level below the attack he is completely ignored in this case as long as he is not willing those girls even if the attack on a lifetime also can not want to meet the stone!


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