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After all the Wu family was born in an aristocratic family and could not compare with Xue Huaiyi's

After all the Wu family was born in an aristocratic family and could not compare with Xue Huaiyi's vulgarity They felt embarrassed when they heard his request Master Rumei left in anger They knew they were in the wrong and it was not good to ask him to stay They quickly sent someone to apologize all the way and sent him away Xue Huaiyi was in high spirits and when he saw a musician who dared to brush his face he was furious and jumped up and shouted abuse As soon as his disciple saw that the master was furious he hurried forward to persuade him Thanks to Hong Liu'er's cleverness he quickly placed the cups dishes and bowls for a while and knocked them with his chopsticks Then he sang a ditty to Xue Huaiyi "Lover you are really romantic You hold two cherries on my chest and imitate the way the baby suckles You feel it again" The slave family is still a yellow flower girl how to bear this taste touch and knead not for a while two jade rabbit tips and warped Not to mention that the

Wu family was too vulgar to listen to such a song not to mention that today was a family banquet and the women's families also attended but they were separated by a screen in the middle and the women's families were on the other side of the building As soon as such a vulgar ditty was sung the Wu family's women were stainless steel tube 304 disgusted and left the table one after another It was not easy for the male guests to make a strange gesture but they were embarrassed after all Xue Huaiyi heard this with a big heart and when he heard it he also bared his bosom and began to sing loudly Xue Huaiyi's mouth was full of oil his head was bare and he sang obscene songs as if no one was watching He sang three songs in one breath drank a few glasses of mellow wine laughed three times lay down on the table and fell asleep This is full of guests everyone has their own ingenuity speaking of it no one really lives more freely than this fellow Seeing that

Xue Huaiyi was drunk and fell asleep Wu Youyi breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly announced that the banquet was over He asked several monks from the White Horse Temple to take Xue Huaiyi and lend them his oxcart to send him away solemnly When Yang Fan and Wu Sansi returned to the restaurant they happened to see such a scene Wu Sansi was now full of thoughts about Ye An who was locked up in Yang Fan's house As soon as he saw that the banquet was over he was overjoyed He hurriedly said goodbye to Wu Youyi and prepared to leave He didn't want Wu Chengsi to stop him and say "Sansi don't be in a hurry to leave I have one thing to discuss with you and Youyi" "Oh" Wu Sansi was in a daze for a moment "I had something to do with my family" he said "In that case let me arrange it" Wu Sansi said then hurried to the front of his own steward whispered a few words to him ordered slightly lifted his eyelids and looked deeply at Yang Fan Yang Fan took the hint and walked up to Wu Youyi He saluted with a fork in his hand and said with a smile "Thank you General for hosting the banquet aluminium coated tubes I'm drinking a lot of wine I'm already a little drunk I'll take my leave" ~ www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 292 making wedding clothes for others After leaving Wu Youyi's mansion Yang Fan went straight back to his residence near Nanshi Xue Huaiyi gave him this house which is now his daily residence

Alang is back! The man who answered the door was an old servant named Chen Shou With a hum Yang Fan walked inside and said in a low voice "The matter has been settled Wu Sansi is like a treasure He will send someone to pick him up in a moment After that let's see what he does and cooperate a little" "Good!"! I'll inform Zhao Yu in a moment! Chen Shou is Shen Mu's people Yang Fan since to live in this house the house must be taken care of he is now a Lang Jiang which can also be the same as before Now there was a cook and a buyer a door and a gardener in his house and two young girls of twelve or thirteen years old who were responsible for the cleaning of the house These people were arranged by Zhao Yu who stayed in Luoyang with Shen Mu as a "person" Chen Shou is his door but also to help him communicate with the hidden people as for other characters Zhao Yu only said that they can trust not the most important secret need not hide from them but did not say that they are also the hidden people Yang Fan carefully observed them the gardener and cook surnamed Lin called Lin Xiwen is really a good dish although it is such a common dish as green vegetables and tofu it can also be very delicious The two little girls were twelve or thirteen years old just when they were young beautiful young and lively To say that these people are hidden people it is impossible but since

Zhao Yu said they can trust then they themselves or their families must be inextricably linked with the hidden In fact organizations like Xianzong and Yinzong just like those rich and powerful families can influence or influence the major policies of a state a government or even a country but there are not many core Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes members who really belong to this family or organization They can have so much power because they can control or influence others in various ways they have a huge root system Zhao Yu to find him these servants is obviously a root system under the big tree of Yin Zong Yang Fan knew that Shen Mu provided these people to himself even if subjectively did not mean to monitor him objectively would also play a role in monitoring him if he had some personal yankuai this is obviously not convenient for him but he can only accept such good intentions because these people are really what he needs In the cellar of his back house there is still a

Ye An locked up like this if he hired some good people casually can they not make a fuss Can you not hesitate to listen to his orders and take responsibility for his care and supervision And these people have no problem Officials can reach the sky in one step but power has never been achieved overnight Wu Zetian spent more than 40 years from a talented person to the Supreme of 1995 The foundation and foundation like the root system of a tree must grow and develop one by one Only with all these can we withstand the ups and downs of the official sea can we withstand the storm and this takes time After all Yang Fan had a master who was a king so he understood these principles when he was very young At the beginning he flatly rejected the method of rapid promotion proposed by Waner because he knew that there was no foundation for promotion and there would be endless disasters behind the short scenery Fu Youyi's promotion and relegation had confirmed this point cbiesautomotive.com


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