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As if they did not see the look of shock Aofeng's eyes were very serious and there

As if they did not see the look of shock Aofeng's eyes were very serious and there was no sense of joking He went on to say in a deep voice "Without absolute certainty there is no need for us to make unnecessary sacrifices I believe my brothers are all bloody people but on the one hand it is to ensure victory and on the other hand I don't want to see you get hurt in the competition" beam impact tubes If the so-called victory is to be achieved by injuring one thousand enemies and losing eight hundred I will never agree! Even if losing the first game will make our momentum drop a little it doesn't matter We will retain our strength in the first game and then win three games first we will still have the last laugh! _! Believe me I'm not going to make fun of everyone's freedom Listen to her say here people can not help but look warm their hearts filled with a cavity of blood secretly sigh this is our leader! They can feel that Aofeng will make this decision and more importantly she values these companions not just as subordinates who can be sacrificed at any time so she will put herself in their shoes and not want them to go out and work hard Of course we believe you! You can arrange it as you like and we will never say no! Loikin squeezed her shoulder hard looked at her with a burning smile and said what everyone was thinking

Ao Feng nodded with a light smile and was about to speak when he suddenly heard a slightly deep male voice saying "Ao Feng let me go!" A white-haired man in a blue gown came out of the crowd Matchless brother Ao Feng was surprised to see that this man had been following her silently since the southern mainland but now his character was cold and he seldom spoke so almost no one noticed him Seeing him come out Aofeng couldn't help frowning "But Brother Wushuang the White Dragon King of Beihai is your grandfather Is that good" Not don't know hundred miles matchless identity also not don't know by him to go to for the present situation is the best once the war turned into recognition people's attention will not focus on winning or losing with the relationship between the two of them as the younger generation of hundred miles matchless to admit defeat will not make people feel what is wrong the reaction of the sea of broken souls is estimated to be In this way the impact can be minimized but there will inevitably be a struggle in the heart from an unparalleled standpoint

Obviously is the mutual respect of relatives but stand in the hostile camp I am afraid this is no one would like to see the situation especially after the two sides made such a bet once the recognition is more hurtful neither can hurt relatives nor can betray the following monarch but these two things can not be both After the outbreak of the land and sea war has been standing silently behind her has explained his decision how can she push this weather-beaten man to the mouth of the storm "I'm going to admit defeat not to fight with him It's just a homely talk between grandparents and grandchildren What's wrong with it" You always think about us Why can't we think about you "I always wanted to do something for you side impact door beams but your progress was so fast that it was difficult for me to get involved with my strength Later I was always favored by you Today I finally have this opportunity and I will not give it to others" Perhaps at first just because of the relationship between

Qingxiao want to complete his behest guard her side but followed her along the way he fully understood the feeling of Qingxiao that time moved casual care people can not forget This woman has to be respected and she has to be dead set on her His tone of understatement but let Aofeng chest a hot so unparalleled no one can stop she can only nod all moved into two words "Thank you" No more words the blue gown flying people have come out of the mainland's strong camp The mainland strong person hundred miles matchless should break the soul sea area North Sea White Dragon King! With the peerless departure Lang Lang's voice echoed in the blue sky

The moment the blue figure strolled out the great lords of all parties in the Sea of Broken Souls and the spectators below fell into a daze followed by a burst of inconceivable discussion What the *** Doesn't the mainland side want to win How could you send such a new high Lord Look at the breath on his body is obviously still breaking the army level even less than the Mahayana level how can impact beam tubes such a big Lord and the first of the four kings of the sea the first strong white dragon king of the North Sea below the five-color king The White Dragon King can probably pinch him to death with one finger! Hearing the four words "unparalleled in a hundred miles" the middle-aged man in the air who looked about thirty years old and wore a short white skirt suddenly disappeared from the calm color of standing proudly His eyebrows were as straight as snow his eyes were staring and he was stunned!

Previously in the army he did not see at this time suddenly found his grandson actually emerged from the hostile camp but also to duel with himself This this this What the hell is this! Without waiting for him to think more the man in the blue gown came to his eyes in a twinkling of an eye and bowed deeply "I've seen Grandpa!" He called without any concealment and although his voice was not very loud it was heard clearly by all the people present! The word "grandpa" immediately shocked a large number of people! Except for a few insiders most of them were stunned He He is the grandson of the White Dragon King of the North Sea Why is there a grandparent and grandchild file in this decisive battle Two people still stand in different camps and become rivals What the hell is this Could it be that the mainland side wants to hold the White Dragon King with affection and make him give in Looking at the familiar face the White Dragon King of the North Sea was finally sure that he had not mistaken him for someone else but for a moment he did not know how to react The duelist suddenly turned into a grandson which really made him a little confused He could only stare and frown "matchless you" How did you 。


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