My groom is the King of Hell.

Who knows what ferocious demons are hidden in this forest If Xuanyuan

Who knows what ferocious demons are hidden in this forest If Xuanyuan Mo doesn't wake up quickly I don't know where to go let alone avoid those ferocious monsters! Hula hula! Around suddenly came a strange sound that sound it seems that I just climbed out of the lake when there just now I was too concerned about the safety of Xuanyuan Mo and did not notice now a listen in this empty forest the beam impact tubes sound is really how abrupt At this time I also noticed that the lake which had been as calm as a pool of stagnant water began to surge violently

That kind of feeling like the water in the lake like boiling! With a cry of no good I quickly carried Xuanyuan ink on my back and rushed crazily in the direction of the lake I have a very strong premonition hidden in the lake of the monster to break out of the water and their target is obviously me and Xuanyuan Mo! Faster faster Now I really hate I can fly but I can't fly not only can't fly my back but also carry Xuanyuan ink the existence of Xuanyuan ink greatly reduced my speed

I feel that I have been running for a long time have not yet run to the end of the woods I feel that I have no strength to continue to run forward but I dare not stop like this I can not let my children and Xuanyuan Mo together become the mouth of those monsters! After taking a few hard breaths I couldn't help but look behind me which scared my soul away Behind me there are countless monsters with teeth and claws because I have never seen such monsters cold drawn tubes and I can't tell what kind of species they are

They look about the size of gorillas and their size is similar to that of gorillas but their faces are like leopards their teeth are somewhat different from leopards their sharp fangs are almost as long as chopsticks if they bite them it will be sour and cool To think that my body can't stop trembling What scares me more is the eyes of those monsters Their eyes are undisguised ferocity The halo of blood pours out from their eyes They haven't hurt my body yet Being stared at by them like this I feel that my flesh and blood are being eaten by them little by little Hula hula! Seeing that I was also looking at them the group of monsters waved their arms in front of them and shouted at me demonstratively They kept shaking their bodies apparently ready to rush in front of me and tear my body to pieces!

No way! I can't just sit back and wait! I knew that my speed could not match those monsters at all but I still didn't want to be slaughtered by them As soon as I gritted my teeth I rushed forward at the fastest speed with Xuanyuan Mo on my back No matter how fast I ran the monsters were always one or two meters away from me Several times I was so tired that I almost lay on the ground I just held the tree trunk beside me and let myself go on And now I can't even find the way to run forward in front of me there is a bottomless abyss! I turned around those monsters is close at hand the next second I and Xuanyuan Mo they have to die into pieces but if I carry Xuanyuan Mo jumped side impact beams off the cliff only a dead end! Forget it it's much better to be killed and eaten a little bit of flesh and blood! Thinking so my heart crossed and jumped under the cliff with Xuanyuan ink on my back

Xuanyuan Mo and I we actually fell together in a cliff growing branches but soon I fell into despair the branches simply can not bear the weight of me and Xuanyuan Mo two people! At this time I also saw the situation under the cliff that a large group of monsters even densely lying under the cliff! I and Xuanyuan Mo destined to have a person become the mouth meal of that group of monsters! Do I die or abandon him


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