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Even if he failed to defeat Dracula he had to make the invincible pay more attention After

Even if he failed to defeat Dracula he had to make the invincible pay more attention After all Dracula the ancestor of the devil is a horrible existence that has survived for more than five thousand years He can fight with it without falling behind at all This strong Caesar is by no means undeserved However Caesar's God rank strong is not beyond the expectation of invincibility this is also a warrior rank strong and the weapon used is the most common weapon in Oslo the sword As for the magician promotion of the God rank strong that is really too abnormal although the God rank battle will not have too much advantage but for a war a God rank mage obviously has too powerful lethality the dream of releasing the forbidden curse as eating and drinking water is no longer illusory However for the invincible as long as he is not a powerful wizard he does not need to worry too much

For invincible he is not afraid of any close attack profession but he is particularly disgusted with the endless means of escape coupled with long-range attacks never close to the opponent who he recently met a blood cherry queen Against such an opponent it is not difficult to defeat him but how to solve him thoroughly A strong man who walks around and never approaches who can fight and walk at any time is absolutely the most difficult opponent to deal with To say that the strong with the sword invincible although not seen the most but also absolutely seen a lot like Oslo these plastic pallet containers sword swordsman invincible really few can see the eye now change to God order may be able to let him have more expectations! However the resistance of the Caesar Empire did not stop because they not only had a powerful God to push back the demon ancestor Dracula but also had 23 dragons to help them fight After 23 dragons suddenly joined the battlefield the original overwhelming Great Demon Mage Group immediately became the existence of chicken ribs Under the terrible breath of the dragons the mighty body of the great devil was so fragile and all kinds of spells issued by the great devil became brilliant fireworks in front of the scales of the dragons which disappeared in the air after a beautiful flash without shooting down any dragons

After thousands of years of silence the dragon clan once again showed the unparalleled strength of the dragon legion in front of the human race in Oslo Although there were only twenty-three dragons the twenty-three dragons cooperated perfectly sweeping back and forth through the turbulent battlefield of magic objects It took less than thirty minutes to beat the legion of magic objects with heavy casualties and crazy retreat However just after attacking the dragon clan the Great Demon Mage Group scattered quietly and then quickly retreated to the side of Dracula the demon ancestor Because Dracula knew that if he let these big demons of the same race fight with the dragon clan which is known as the mage's nemesis it would be tantamount to sending these big demons into the mouth of the dragon clan and the loss would be astonishing At the same time Dracula also knew that even if he made a move it would be of no help There was also a strong Irena on the opposite side whose sword gas was enough to cut his body under the protection of the elemental shield plastic bulk containers Moreover this Irena had the title of Meteor Sword Saint in Richard's time and now after being promoted to the rank of God the speed of the sword is even faster than you can imagine

Not long ago although the encounter ended in a draw to be honest it also made Dracula break out in a cold sweat Of course Irene did not fall into the benefits at least a little minor injury but this is her attempt to make a dangerous move hit themselves in one fell swoop will have such a result otherwise the real patience to fight Dracula himself will not be able to stand first Volume IV Romantic Champs Elysees Double Journey Chapter 563-Black Mountain Warrior After all Dracula hit Irena once and Irena was able to rely on her fierce fighting spirit and resistance But if Irena had hit him there would have been a chance that she would have been either physically disabled or killed on the spot As a fallen mage Dracula's ability to fight in close combat is not weak but compared with the strong sword God who specializes in these two things it is still too far away not to mention that Irena is the kind of agile warrior that the mage has the most headache All in all Dracula can't kill Irena and it's hard for Irena to get a chance to fight Dracula head-on

But Irena still has twenty-three dragons to help in front of this terrible dragon legion even the demon ancestor Dracula also had to lament his strength is too poor so can only take back the troops and then plan The first battle of the strongest existence between Byzantine people and demons immediately caused a wide chain reaction With Irene's hand 23 dragons showed great power both the magic army and the human legion showed great enthusiasm for attack human and magic fighting together fierce fighting so that both sides lost a lot of people But plastic pallet crates humans still gradually occupy the advantage after all humans rely on the home battle the loss of troops can be quickly replenished and although magic objects can replenish troops but in the face of rapidly increasing losses the speed of reinforcement is ultimately not comparable This battle has been going on for more than ten days and there are signs of exhaustion for both humans and demons Several magic armies have been strongly counterattacked not only failed to occupy any land but were surrounded by people in the vicinity of several cracks in time and space unable to move forward

The Demon Primogenitor was suppressed by

Caesar's Irena and the Dragon Legion and his plans to push forward were dashed but the Great Lord of the Abyss who had repeatedly caused terrible killings in Oslo turned his mind to other aspects The Demon Clan is not only led by one of his high lords but also by another Demon King Gramoli who is also leading the army in Oslo Gramoli is inferior to Dracula in strength but his mind has inherited the usual cunning and cunning of the demon race When Dracula couldn't make a breakthrough Gramoli is undoubtedly an excellent candidate And the relationship between Gramoli and Dracula is extraordinary for Dracula's words Gramoli is very obedient [To read the text version please go to] Otherwise the two would not have joined the Queen of Blood Cherry almost at the same time without deep tacit understanding and trust which is undoubtedly an impossible thing Gramoli appears in a good position deep in the misty forest at the junction of Caesar and Baia


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