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All right let them go When you are strong in the future you can go to fight all the people

All right let them go When you are strong in the future you can go to fight all the people in the Cang family Ye Fandao for the thin blood of the Cang clan he did not take it to heart the real old enemy is the people who have the blood of heaven flowing in their bodies not the descendants who will return to the world Yang Xi breathing heavily stopped and kicked them away one by one ignoring them Get out of here and go to the 50th level of the human race You can live there from now on Ye Fan said that in order to avoid accidents this place can not live The declining holy body is really bold Let me see what kind of people have beaten my worthless grandchildren with mouth and nose bleeding! In the distance came a clear roar a figure approaching quickly strength can not be underestimated far more than the peak of the ancient star Cang clan also do not plastic pallet manufacturer know how many years ago let the children in the clan come out to hone all in this difficult to cultivate the dry star on the experience of a few years usually there is a master in charge

It was an old man with white hair like snow glittering and translucent roots white skin like jade and eyes like two lightning bolts Ye Fan looked indifferent and said "Let's go after reading it Don't feel uncomfortable" "Who are you" The old man asked followed by a dozen people including the crying children "I'll go to another ancient star and take a walk in your family" Ye Fan said that this was a decision that had already been made and that he wanted to take a look at the burial site of the top strong man with the blood of heaven flowing in his body Dare Who do you think you are to say such a thing Is it related to the Eucharist Some people in the rear were forced to come forward like a group of divine lions emitting a terrible domineering This is the unique pressure of the clan even if the blood is thin to such an extent or like a storm shocked the monks of the whole city The ancestor of the Holy Body was defeated and killed by our ancestors What qualifications do you have to say that How can you set foot in the ancient Mausoleum Garden of the Heaven Overlord Body One man shouted Ye Fan coldly swept the past the golden beam of light in his eyes soared although this person reached the realm of the king/Tu/DS JPG

At this moment there was a shock of terror and the body could not help trembling Pedal pedal pedal All of these people could not help but regress especially the leaders who had just been aggressive fighting in two directions almost suffocating under this pressure Holy Body a holy body of successful practice! One of them cried out with blood spurting from his mouth and his face like gold paper Ye Fan did not deliberately put out the breath just strands of it so that they were shocked the two sides are old enemies the most sensitive I don't want to embarrass you unless the real heaven overlord blood appears you are not worth my hand all leave Ye Fan said calmly/Tu/DS JPG In the ears of these people it is like a thunderbolt These people came to ask for punishment but at the moment they were pale secondary containment pallet did not say a word and turned away The other forces in the city are hair hair all dare not speak no one stand out for a time quiet to the extreme Domain door opened Yang Yunteng led the little broken child back to take a last look at the dilapidated courtyard with

Ye Fan across the void rushed to the 50th pass of the human race Compared with the city on the withered star the bustling 50th Pass is like a heavenly city It is located in the starry sky Looking up the universe is vast and extremely prosperous here Jieyin had a long beard on his face and was tall and strong His name was Zhao Gongyi He looked very rough At the moment he was drinking by himself in the donkey meat restaurant A jar of old wine and several dishes of cooked meat were delicious Uncle Beard! Yang Xi called out that he had seen the guide once Ye Fan smiled and called this man uncle That is to say the little boy doesn't know anything so he can call out I can't tell how old he is I only know that he was trapped by a God donkey four thousand years ago Yang Yunteng came forward to give a big gift he knew it was the guide to protect their pulse otherwise the clan would have long ceased to exist When Zhao Gongyi learned of their visit he nodded and said "You mean you want to get back those things Well I don't know how many generations they have been kept They are almost covered with dust" They came to the castellan mansion and entered the sealed land again

Yang Xi was surprised to see everything He used to be a poor little boy who had been bullied and never walked out of the city At this time he was puzzled to see the sun moon and stars appearing together and sticking to the sky At this time a ragged little clothes have been taken off changed into clean clothes looks very comely and tender Yang Yunteng is a little perturbed the ancestor will plastic pallet price appear his heart is difficult to calm down Zhao Gongyi opened a sealed treasure house and pushed open a pair of huge stone doors which were full of splendor and many magic weapons Without any delay he took out a stone box from the innermost layer and solemnly handed it to Yang Yunteng Alas!

Zhao Gongyi sighed lightly Stone box covered with dust/Tu/DS JPG Powerful as a saint it can't be opened It has never seen the light of day for so many years and its relics have been sealed up Only the holy body of the human race watered with golden holy blood can be opened If it is broken by force it will be shattered and nothing will be left Ye Fan took it in his hand feeling heavier than the mountain and deeply respected the ancestors of the Holy Body Naturally he would not let Yang Xi spill his golden blood He cut his wrist and strands of golden clouds dripped down and sank into the stone box Click! A light sound the stone box bounced open there is a kind of power of the years in the air but also with a vicissitudes of the atmosphere so that several people are a shock in their hearts Ancestors! Yang Yunteng gave a loud cry Yang Xi also felt a breath of blood gently crying constantly wiping tears The Terran Eucharist will stand up when he is needed Leave these things not to strengthen future generations but only to calm the dark turmoil Lead Zhao Gongyi sighed Three small jade bottles are no more than the size of a thumb crystal clear containing liquid clearly visible These are the three most divine and holy medicines of the human race! The first small jade bottle contains golden blood even though hundreds of thousands of years have passed/Tu/DS JPG


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