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The little monkey thought for a moment "I want a stable learning environment

The little monkey thought for a moment "I want a stable learning environment a stable life circle and friends" Parting is not good especially just a heart-to-heart friend the twinkling of an eye is parting that kind of taste the little monkey has felt too much in the past three years Hearing the little monkey's words Wei Yan'an sighed lightly "Dad is sorry for you" Wei Yan'an blamed himself very much He took it for granted that it was best for a family to be together but he did not take into account the psychological state of the little monkey He was negligent No Dad You're the best dad in the world The little monkey actually enjoyed the three years of life His parents were around him As ibc spill containment pallet long as he needed them they were always there The little monkey felt very safe The little monkey looked at the small tin box on his desk What he had just said was actually a high-sounding reason Only he knew the real reason I'll discuss it with my mother Will you wait for our decision Although

Wei Yan'an still disagreed with the little monkey's decision in his heart at least he did not refuse again The little monkey also knows that the autonomy he has is the trust given by his parents If his parents really do not agree with him to return home he actually has no way At night Wei Yan'an looked worried but Lin Aiqing was not too worried as the little monkey said there is Zhang Xiaohui in the country to help watch it I just think the reason my son wants to go back is not what he said Wei Yan'an frowned all the time but he couldn't figure out why the little monkey had to go back What is the real reason Lin Aiqing does not care too much their own children the basic trust is still there Lin Aiqing believes that the little monkey is a good child there is no bad idea Although there is Xiaohui in Beijing I don't quite agree with the child to go back to China alone You should make up your mind as early as possible and tell the child as early as possible so that he won't have to worry about it and plan things well If you don't agree Lin Aiqing rubbed cream on her face and glanced at Wei Yan'an in the mirror Today 36-year-old

Lin Aiqing although the corners of her eyes have quietly creased into wrinkles because she has been repairing cars in the fields for a long time her complexion is not as fair as before but because of long-term exercise Lin Aiqing has a well-proportioned figure and healthy skin The body is more mature taste more attractive than before Especially now wearing pajamas sitting in front of the mirror to wipe her face even if she does nothing the invisible charm is particularly provocative Wei Yan'an is also tickled by her heart Where can he take care of his son's business Anyway it's a month later to leave It's the right thing to explore the true meaning of human nature with Lin Aibiao first The author has something to say The revision is now In addition the new article is also trying to save the manuscript So today is the first watch Good night plastic pallet crates little cuties Chapter 220 Whether the little monkey will return to China or not Lin Aiqing naturally hopes that the child will stay with them The little monkey is now fifteen years old and the time he can stay with them is only the next two or three years Wait until after the university followed by work the children are bound to go out on their own However after talking to the little monkey several times Wei Yan'an agreed to the little monkey's appeal Of course he did not really let go and throw the little monkey back into the country Every six months whether in study or in personal life

Wei Yan'an will immediately bring people back if there is any problem with the little monkey Returning to China without parents does not mean freedom but more strict supervision Over the past few years Zhao Cheng has not only been transferred back to Beijing but also slowly retired to civilian work It is very reassuring to have him to discipline the little monkey Wei Yan'an as well as Zhang Xiaohui and the school teachers who will stare at the little monkey In addition during the three years of high school the little monkey must come to reunite with his parents during the holidays I don't care why you go back but your mother will be very worried and miss you Take good care of yourself eat a little stronger and have a holiday to accompany your mother Wei Yan'an's original words are like this

The little monkey had been thinking about what to do when he returned home but Wei Yan'an suddenly relented In fact he was very reluctant to give up his parents although sometimes he seemed superfluous in his father's place The little monkey didn't remember much about what happened when he was too young but he remembered that Wei Yanan always gave him to his grandfather When he was older the little monkey had his own feelings His father always wanted to dominate his mother send him out or arrange learning tasks for him When he was older his father thought he was an adult and began to send him away or leave him alone at home The little monkey didn't need to recall Just two days ago his unscrupulous ibc spill pallet father left him alone at home again He also lied to his mother that he couldn't go because he had to study Then the couple went hundreds of kilometers away to see the waterfall Sometimes the little monkey felt that he should not be named Wei Hanjun but should be called Wei Yu But fortunately his mother loved him most The little monkey looked at

Wei Yan'an and complained silently in his heart Forget it This is his own father When he is a son he can't argue with his own father And it must be that his mother loves him so much that his father always wants to rob him Originally the little monkey wanted to spend the winter and summer vacation with his parents but that was not because he was afraid that the round-trip ticket was too expensive so he dared not mention it Now that Wei Yan'an has brought it up the little monkey naturally has no reason to object So the little monkey went back to school and the family reunion in winter and summer vacation was settled But this summer vacation the little monkey still has to return home early after all has come out a few the little monkey also needs to go back early to adapt to the environment Lin mother is a little monkey returned to China half a month after the international call with Lin Aiqing only to know that Lin Aiqing husband and wife let the little monkey return to China alone In the eyes of Lin Mu's parents children have no rights especially at the age of the little monkey a young boy who has not yet fully grown up it is the age of good teaching Lin Aiqing and Wei Yan'an actually did not care at all and let the children return home by themselves bin


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