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"Eh" Your swordsmanship is good enough Your last swordsmanship was perfectly

"Eh" Your swordsmanship is good enough Your last swordsmanship was perfectly controlled without any flaws This time it's the opposite Desperate to never come back The sword is so fierce and fierce In terms of ferocity alone it is very close to the realm of the general sword world The voice of the God of the Black Fog World came It's a good thing I'm not new to the world of swords Ji Ning's swordsmanship is really powerful Sword killing style ruthless to the enemy more ruthless to oneself never to return extremely powerful close to the deep draw stamping general sword world Only by mastering the'Heart Sword Style 'can you use this move without hurting yourself Otherwise if you practice this move at the beginning you will not be able to control the sword If you can't control the sword the result will be that if you can't kill the enemy you will be caught by the enemy immediately Only when you have the heart sword style can you perform this tragic move The more the Black Mist World God fights the more excited he is

This Beiming's swordsmanship talent is really high Compared with the last time he has made great progress In addition to the fierce sword style there is another kind of sword move that makes him more frightened which is Ji Ning's experience from the origin of the sword Although it has not been formed it still makes the black fog world palpitate All right all right The God of the Black Fog World laughed and said "I'm going to lose if I keep the power of the ancestral gods with the chaotic magic weapon" "I use the magic weapon of the Tao" Ji Ning Liandao I see The God of the Black Fog World looked at the soft sword in Ji Ning's hand with a dumbfounded smile and said with a smile "I said my swordsmanship realm is obviously higher than yours I can't suppress you with the chaotic magic weapon to keep the power of the ancestral gods" Ji Ning was very grateful in his heart Just a competition lasted for so long until he had no more harvest the Black Fog World God stopped This battle made Ji Ning understand hundreds of years ago (counting the time of peeping at the Taihao Pagoda it was actually thousands of years)

Many ideas in the understanding were verified and the realm of swordsmanship was improved a lot Fog Rock Star is hard to find a master of kendo Black fog world God looked at Ji Ning "your kendo talent I feel no less than the star Lord good practice" By the way be careful when you go to the Black Lotus Empire this time The most important thing is to save your life "Mmm" Ji Ning nodded Also This is my own swordsmanship the name is very simple called "Black Fog Swordsmanship" your swordsmanship realm is also very high I let you learn this swordsmanship which is not helpful to you You just look maybe it touches you a little The God of the black fog world turned over his hand and took out a roll of jade slips and threw them to Ji Ning Ji Ning connected and said gratefully "Thank you senior" "In fact I wanted to accept you as an apprentice before but today I see that your swordsmanship will catch up with me and even surpass me in a short time" The God of the Black Fog World smiled "Well prepare for the coming war" "Mmm" Ji Ning answered Black fog world God then swayed still a messy hair titanium machining parts so swayed walking disappeared out of thin air Ji Ning is secretly grateful in fact came to the fog rock star the first time to see the black fog world God the black fog world God personally instructed himself and himself As time went by Ji Ning also watched the swordsmanship of the God of the Black Fog World Soon January was over! It's time for the army to go to war! There is another chapter at six o'clock in the evening to make up for the previous Wednesday's arrears (To be continued) If you like this work you are welcome to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets

Your support is my greatest motivation Mang Huang Ji Volume 1 Yanshan Ji Shi Volume 24 Chapter 37 Invasion In the main mansion of Wuyan Star a huge open space is crowded with many ancestral gods and immortals I don't know what to do in such a big battle "It must be to attack one of the forces" "Is it necessary to attack one side" There were already three thousand ancestral gods in the Fog Rock Army and they would have used the'Little Thousand Ancestors Array ' Now there are seven little thousands of ancestors gods and immortals Some of them are even slaves and servants of the gods of the world and the immortals of chaos "It's up to you" Ancestors and immortals are talking one by one Ji Ning Gong Chao Zu Xian and a few others who knew the inside story were also nervous Yes this time the handwriting was really big

Originally standing three thousand ancestral gods just from everywhere to deploy plus many servants just make up the number of seven thousand! Like Gong Chao Zu Xian was originally a disciple of Xu You Xian his strength is indeed very high this time also specially led an army of Zu Xian Also do not know fog rock star and black lotus empire have what enmity in the end unexpectedly so crazy Ji Ning muttered to himself Here it comes Ji Ning's eyes suddenly lit up and he saw nine figures coming from a distance The leader was the Lord of the Fog Rock who metal stamping parts was dressed in a star robe Next to him was another great power of the world Nine great powers came side by side quieting all the ancestral gods and immortals who had gathered Gentlemen "This expedition is extremely important" said the Lord of the Fog Rock Star When the time comes to fight you will listen to your respective generals "Yes" All the sergeants answered Enter Mist Rock Star Lord waved his sleeve whoosh Suddenly a wave came and all the ancestral gods and immortals present did not resist In an instant Ji Ning and his seven thousand ancestral gods and immortals all disappeared out of thin air

Transmit my order to close the fog rock star and prohibit entry and exit A loud voice instantly spread to the ears of other practitioners on the Fog Rock Star and some forbidden fluctuations immediately appeared over the trading area that had been open to the public and soon it was completely closed Zap zap zap Whoosh whoosh whoosh The nine world powers rose into the sky at the same time and soon flew high into the sky overlooking the fog rock star below Take it Mist Rock Star Lord waved his hand The original huge star'fog rock star 'also disappeared out of thin air this fog rock star has long been refined into a magic weapon It is the core of the inheritance of the whole fog rock star Since the whole army is out this time the fog rock star owner will certainly not leave this important fog rock star here Star Lord you really did your best this time The green-robed old man laughed This time it depends on the strength of the Star Lord "We have no intention to calculate and go all out to destroy the Black Lotus Emperor" The only trouble is the'guard array 'in the capital of the Black Lotus "Star Lord" It is the most dangerous to guard the big array in the capital of the Black Lotus 。


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