Desolate Soul Takemu

Thinking of this he suddenly wanted to call home He couldn't remember the last time he called home He only remembered that

Thinking of this he suddenly wanted to call home He couldn't remember the last time he called home He only remembered that he had a fierce quarrel with his wife As a result they basically hung up at the same time Now that I think about it I can't remember the reason for the quarrel I just think it was a long time ago If it wasn't for the words "2008" written everywhere in the Steel investment casting Beijing Olympic Games on TV he couldn't remember that he had been in prison for six years After Wang Huiren agreed Liu Wuzhong was able to dial the family phone The phone is connected and there is the voice of the child Hello! Who As soon as Liu Wuzhong guessed that he was his son he could not help saying excitedly I am your father! Good son call your father quickly Dad Adults can't lie Mom didn't tell me there were two fathers My father is helping my mother choose food in the kitchen "What" *** that B! Put your mother on the phone! Then Liu Wuzhong heard the child crying and ran away calling his mother as he ran "Mom mom there is another cursing father on the phone let you answer the phone" The woman put down the leek in her hand and took the child's hand to the phone Hello "

Hey your mother how can you steal a man behind my back" You son of a bitch you wait for me to go out go out and kill you What Liu Wuzhong can't stand most is not his wife's derailment but his son's calling someone else's father His wife's derailment has long been expected by him but he can't accept the fact that his wife lets his son recognize his father again The woman paused for a second and retaliated ferociously "You will die inside and never come out" Nice socket screw plug try I worked as a cow and a horse in order to go out and reunite with your mother Did you marry a wild man Liu Wuzhong's words said here the other side hung up and when he dialed again the other side had already unplugged the telephone line Just as he was about to slam the phone on the wall he was held down by Zhou Quan "What are you doing" "Don't pull me I'll kill the bitch" Seeing this Wang Huiren ran over and subdued Liu Wuzhong with a few sticks Then he said to Zhou Quan with a smile "You when can you learn to use tools The state gives you weapons not to use them as decorations but to do practical things"

Wang Huiren finished his education and shook his head and took Liu Wuzhong away The news soon spread in the prison area It was not spread by others Liu Wuzhong himself told the people in the kitchen group that he had a shameless wife Then the kitchen group spread it to Zhou Gui's ears as quickly as possible Zhou Gui finally showed a smile Then he closed his eyes and quietly savored the wonderful news the evil retribution of the wicked finally came non standard fasteners God opened his eyes With Liu Wuzhong's hot news Zhou Guimei spent a beautiful night In the past few days there was a hubbub of people on the playground and all kinds of competitions were staged in turn There was an endless stream of people A few people who had sprained their feet in the high jump came to the infirmary to deal with it and then went out

Then a few people who had smashed their faces while playing basketball came in and continued to go out while playing basketball with a band-aid Only Zhou Gui became the ivy of the infirmary The back of his head was occupied by the Great Rift Valley of East Africa From the back it looked like a rusty saw blade embedded in it which made people afraid at a glance He lay quietly he finally let himself out of the ranks of soft persimmons the back of his head with such a big scar he did not have to humble himself to see anyone in the future even if he saw Qu Qiang he dared to raise his head straight Zhou Gui felt that all this was worth it but Quan Yao did not think so Zhou Gui's rapid recovery made Quan Yao doubt Liu Wuzhong's ability to handle affairs He did not want to let Zhou Gui go like this He felt that the reason why his left hand could write was that he was trained by Quan Yao Now his left hand has been scrapped which is to take back his own things but he has to get back what Zhou Gui owed him Quan Yao went to the basketball court and pulled out Liu Wuzhong who was playing while playing with emotion Wife ran away Did you beat people when your wife ran away Have the ability to fight enemies ah now is the Olympic period the country advocates security and harmony you mess up again be careful to punish you above Liu Wuzhong knew that the above in Quan Yao's mouth was referring to Xu Jian Unconvinced he said When I go out I'll kill the wild man first and then beat the bitch half to death

Liu Wuzhong stared at the blood-red eyes beads of sweat dripping down from the tip of his nose and rushed to the infirmary Because of the sports meeting all the policemen in the infirmary were transferred to patrol by Quanyao so Liu Wuzhong Stainless steel foundry rushed in easily When he saw Zhou Gui he rushed to hold him down He grabbed Zhou Guigang's wound which had been sewn for a few days and pulled the thread hard With the tightening of the cotton thread Zhou Gui had just begun to reduce the swelling and blood beads appeared again from the wound that was ready to heal Zhou Gui cried in pain and Li Jin gave him an electric baton from behind Liu Wuzhong and knocked him down Soon after receiving a phone call from Anxin Zhou Quan rushed over and sent Liu Wuzhong directly to the detention room The blood beads on the back of Zhou Gui's head took up the whole afternoon of Li Jin and Anxin Because the painkiller has been used up the anesthetic has been out of stock so this time Zhou Gui's wound suture was completed by Li Jin under the service of

Wang Huiren and Zhou Quanwuhua Zhou Gui also shouted for an afternoon shouting over the cheers on the sports field and the two voices overlapped shaking each other's ups and downs in the prison compound With the help of this sports meeting Qu Qiang also launched an attack on the equation He took the initiative to apply for wrestling with Xu Jian and Wendeng Considering the aggressiveness of the project itself Wendeng rejected it but Xu Jian thought it was just an experience of breaking the rules and daring to try so he approved the competition of Qu Qiang's team He also became the person in charge of this project In order to knock down the equation he drew up the participants and deliberately listed himself and the equation as a group This was the first time he had a face-to-face encounter with the equation The equation was going to enter the teaching and research office to compete with him This was the first pass he designed for the equation Even if the equation was going to enter the teaching and research office to teach he would not let the equation go in comfortably


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