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Zhang Feiyu of Tianshi Dao Yuxuzi of Yuxu Palace in Qingcheng Qi Yujiao of Yujiao Nunnery

Zhang Feiyu of Tianshi Dao Yuxuzi of Yuxu Palace in Qingcheng Qi Yujiao of Yujiao Nunnery Li Ningfan of Maoshan in Shangqing Wunian and Wuchen of Fayan Temple And others are on the list Chu Yi heart under the big Rin read force Bi Ji slightly count to go the true immortal level above the master has as many as sixty or seventy people Three of them had never met before but their True deep draw stamping Qi was powerful and unfathomable and they were equal to Yuxuzi and others and they were already in the realm of scattered immortals The first man was a tall and thin Lama with his eyes closed and his breath gone but at such a distance he could still feel his fierce and cold mind The second man was a short lean green-robed

Taoist with a goatee on his chin rolling eyes and a funny smile on his face The third man was a black and fat monk wearing a purple and gold cassock sitting between two monks without desire and without anger He was expressionless as if he were meditating Chu Yi listened attentively and finally learned from the conversation of the people around him that the three people were Master Bukong the abbot of Xingshan Temple Du Caishi the real person of Xuanzhen Taoist Temple in Qingcheng and the elder of Fayan Temple in Jiuhua Mountain Chu Yi felt a chill in his heart and thought to himself "Since tonight is a dinner for King Kang to celebrate Concubine Wu's birthday why do you call so many Xiuzhen here" It seems that both sides have laid out their cards for a showdown tonight and they want to be poor! Just then the guards outside the hall shouted "Your Majesty is here!"! Empress Wu is here! The drums and trumpets thundered the orchestral strings played together the noise suddenly stopped and hundreds of pairs of eyes looked at the corridor in unison

When the beaded curtain rolled up eighteen beautiful maidservants in palace costumes filed out Then they heard a loud voice saying "Dear ministers I'm late" Surrounded by eighteen eunuchs an old man in yellow robes and golden crowns strode out in a dignified manner followed by a graceful and elegant beautiful concubine It was Tang yuanzong and Wu Huifei The crowd prostrated themselves on the ground and shouted three times "Long live!" Chu Yi had no choice but to fall down and echo a few words casually In the past he would have been willing to shout "long live" but after the change of shape his character changed greatly unruly and he had lost his previous respect for the emperor just playing and perfunctory After Tang yuanzong sat down his eyes slowly swept over the civil and military officials and finally stayed on the empty seat of the prince His eyes flashed a sad look He said "Dear ministers I am late just now Because tonight is Chinese New Year's Eve it is the night of reunion I went to see a person first" Everyone looked at each other and knew that he was talking about Prince Li Zhaozhong but no one dared to take over the conversation Sure enough Tang yuanzong paused and said "

The man I went to see should have been sitting in this hall tonight like all of you to celebrate the birthday of Concubine Wu" But He patted the edge of the table his eyes slightly red After a while he said in a deep voice "But he can't come today metal stamping parts " Every year after that I'm afraid I won't be able to come I looked at the empty seats here and thought about the name of the Eighteen Palaces of Neon Lake and I felt very sad Everyone's face was solemn and silent and the atmosphere of jubilation was gone Chu Yi secretly looked at Tang yuanzong and saw that his temples were spotted and his forehead was wrinkled In just a few days he seemed to have aged ten years He could not help but sympathize with him His heart moved and he suddenly understood why Pei Yongqing was so abnormal and anxious Li Zhaozhong was born to the empress He was intelligent and well-educated Emperor yuanzong of the Tang Dynasty was very fond of him

Therefore the prince was involved in the assassination rebellion which was a great blow to him On the one hand he was so angry that he wished he could cut Li Zhaozhong to pieces; on the other hand he did not want to believe that all this was true in his heart and he always hoped to find a reason to convince himself and excuse Li Zhaozhong For this reason both King Kang's henchmen and King Xuan's friends were afraid of a long night and many dreams so they tried to force the emperor to make up his mind to abolish Li Zhaozhong as soon as possible and re-establish the crown prince In other words since the emperor was obsessed with the prince he still had a great chance and chance to persuade the emperor to find out the truth of the prince's case Think of this section Chu Yi immediately spirit

Just as he was thinking about how to open his mouth he heard a quiet and pleasant voice sighing "Your Majesty is kind and generous If you are so kind to the prince the old minister will be moved to tears" Alas if the prince had any conscience car radiator cap he would die of shame immediately when he heard these words The man who spoke was dressed in purple with a gold belt and a green beard and it was the left servant who shot Li Mufu Most of the guests in the eighteen halls were followers of King Kang and King Xuan When they heard Tang yuanzong's words they all felt uneasy They were afraid that he would repent but they were afraid of offending Longyan so they did not dare to speak Now that Li Mufu had taken the lead everyone immediately responded with a bang saying "Your Majesty's affection for the prince is as deep as the sea and his kindness is as heavy as a mountain He even colluded with the Lingbao sorcerer colluded with his courtiers and traitors and committed such evil deeds of killing the emperor and usurping the throne It is really unconscionable and unforgivable!" "Not bad!"! Rebel minister and thief everyone has to be punished! Your Majesty must not be soft-hearted to such traitors otherwise will not encourage the courage of traitors loyal ministers chill

All of a sudden the hall was full of righteous indignation and there was a loud noise everywhere but none of them defended the prince Emperor yuanzong was greatly disappointed Seeing that Pei Yongqing was always smiling and silent knowing that he had always been cautious he asked "Pei Zhongshu what do you think" Pei Yongqing stood up and saluted and said "Your Majesty your flesh and blood are linked to your heart Even if you cut off a finger it will hurt your heart not to mention your own child" But as the saying goes 'a serpent eats his hand and a strong man breaks his wrist' Sometimes for the sake of the overall situation it is also a matter of helplessness to make the necessary sacrifices Emperor yuanzong nodded his head and looked at a handsome official in purple "What do you think Prime Minister Wei" He asked "Your Majesty" said the man thoughtfully "the ancients said 'When a prince breaks the law he commits the same crime as the common people' What's more it's the most serious crime of deceiving the emperor and killing his father If the prince really committed such a heinous crime there is no reason to forgive 。 autoparts-dx.com


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