Nigerian Government Restarts Abuja-Kaduna Train Services in November After Seven Months

The Minister, on the other hand, did not provide any concrete information regarding the resumption date.

Train service between Abuja and Kaduna will resume later this month, according to an announcement made by the government of Nigeria. The route connects the two cities.

On Monday, in Abuja, the Minister of Transportation, Mu'azu Sambo, made the news while presenting a scorecard of his ministry to the public. On March 28, terrorists attacked one of the trains and kidnapped a large number of passengers, which led to the shutdown of the rail services.

According to Sambo, there has been sufficient investment in security measures to guarantee the travellers' safety. However, the Minister did not provide any precise dates for when the resumption will occur.

As a result of the attack in March, which resulted in the deaths of several passengers and led to the suspension of rail operations on the Abuja-Kaduna route, he stated that the ministry had gained sufficient knowledge from the experience. The minister stated, "The Abuja Kaduna mishap was undoubtedly a very sad one. And by the grace of God, we will never again be witnesses to something such to that.

"Not only because we have promised to pray about it, but also because we have purposefully taken steps," she said.

"In response to what you mentioned, yeah, it is true that we have grown from this experience. In addition, these lessons will be applied moving forward.

"What are the lessons, safety, and security surveillance, constant monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, all the time around the clock.

"The minister need to be able to gaze out the window of his office into the train line and observe the activities that are taking on there.

"That ought to be within the president's scope of authority. That responsibility should fall under the purview of the director-general of the State Security Service (SSS), as well as each and every other security agency.

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"These are the precautions that we have taken," the speaker said. No one will ever shave our heads behind our backs again. Nobody.

"We are going to get back to providing that service starting in the month of November. To those of you who are reporters working at the State House, please keep in mind that I warned you that we would not restart this service until every Nigerian held in captivity was reunited with their families.


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