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The iPhone 12 Pro Max is not only a larger-screened variant of the iPhone 12 Pro; rather, it is a whole new device. The display on this iPhone is the largest one Apple has ever put on one of its devices, measuring in at 6.7 inches. But the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which starts at $1,099, plays up to its name in several ways, like having a camera that is even more sophisticated than the ordinary iPhone 12 Pro and having a battery life that is far longer. Although this review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a bit out of date now that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has been released, you may still be contemplating purchasing Apple's most advanced mobile device of 2020 due to factors such as price or availability. On November 13, 2020, Apple released the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a starting price of $1,099 for 128GB of storage space. The price of upgrading to 256GB is $1,199, while the price of upgrading to 512GB is $1,399.
CONCEPT The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a large device. It is still one of the largest iPhones that Apple has ever produced, even if the difference is just a few millimeters in size. However, due to the fact that it also features the new squared edges of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max, it mimics the harsh, industrial look of the new iPad Pro range, and as a result, it seems bigger when held in the hand. When compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the appearance of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is more luxurious. This is possible because to the new phone's flat sides, which give it a more streamlined appearance. My device's surface, which was finished in polished and shining gold stainless steel, drew a lot of attention. It's like having jewelry attached to your smartphone. The finish, on the other hand, is quite susceptible to picking up fingerprints. The exterior of the Pro Max is a shiny stainless steel band, and this, the front accent, and the rear of the phone now come in Graphite, Gold, Silver, and Pacific Blue. One of the most distinguishing features of the Pro Max is the fact that it is available in colors that are considered to be more "mature." Additionally, this iteration of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has an improved durability. You have a display up front made of Ceramic Shield that is certified for four times the drop performance, and you also get an improved water resistance rating of IP68 that goes down to 6 meters instead of 4 meters.

The display of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the biggest of any iPhone display ever produced, which is incentive enough to consider upgrading to this model. The screen on the new iPhone 12 Pro Max is able to extend farther to the corners of the gadget because to the reduced bezels around the display. This results in a 6.7-inch display as opposed to a 6.5-inch affair on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it looks pretty fantastic. While compared to the phone from the previous year, this larger display area is immediately evident, and it contributes to a greater feeling of immersion when viewing movies or other comparable content. Ceramic Shield has been added to the front of the iPhone 12 Pro Max by Apple, as it has been introduced to the front of other models in the iPhone 12 range. This is supposed to make it four times less likely to break in the event that it is dropped. The only thing the iPhone 12 Pro Max is lacking is a smooth 120Hz rate, which would have made scrolling more fluid and gaming even more enjoyable.

The camera array on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the primary selling point for purchasing this version of Apple's flagship smartphone. The main camera, the regular wide camera, the ultra-wide camera, and the 2.5x telephoto zoom camera all have a resolution of 12 megapixels, and all of them have been improved since last year. Night Mode is now available for both the main camera and the ultra-wide sensor.
Apple has designed the iPhone 12 Pro Max to be the option to go with if you want to have the finest possible photography experience while using an iPhone. This may come as a surprise to you, given that you may believe there is not a significant difference between the 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max. There is no alternative to the iPhone 12 Pro Max to consider if you want to shoot the highest-quality photographs with your iPhone. Night mode, which requires you to keep the phone still for a varying amount of time (depending on the conditions), can turn a dark and gloomy setting into a rich and vibrant scene. The new Smart HDR 3 capability looks for different scenes when the photo is taken, grabbing multiple exposures and stitching them together intelligently to give you the best picture possible.

When it comes to raw performance, there is no competitor for the A14 Bionic CPU that is included in the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This processor is combined with 6 Gigabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM). It is a really tight fight between it and the normal Pro, with both having 6GB of RAM and an improved GPU, so you would expect this gadget to crush every benchmark when it comes to the ability to multitask as well as to play games. The iPhone 12 Pro Max's blistering performance is the kind of performance one would expect from a phone in this price range, and given the range of apps that can now run on the iPhone, from high-quality gaming to media editing, the ability to perform well in any scenario is important - and during our testing, we did not observe any signs of slowdown.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the model to purchase if you are looking for an iPhone with the longest possible battery life. Because of its greater size, it has a higher capacity to work with, which results in the greatest performance we've observed on any of the iPhone 12 models. The battery life of the iPhone 12 Pro Max isn't possibly as strong as that of iPhone models from previous years (and many rumors suggest that the battery inside the new Pro Max is smaller than 2019's model, in order to fit in the 5G modem), but it's definitely the best of all the new iPhones, and if that matters to you, and if you can handle the size of this model, then you should go for the 12 Pro Max as your next device.



So, there are a number of significant ways in which the iPhone 12 Pro Max lives up to its moniker. You get a battery life that lasts far longer than the standard iPhone 12 Pro and a display that is significantly larger. I did not feel that the bigger camera sensor of the Max created photographs that were noticeably better than those that you get from other iPhone 12 models, although it is good that you have a more powerful zoom. You will need to be prepared to take the additional weight, as this is a massive iPhone indeed, and the price is not to be sneered at, but we are adding an extra half star for all those iPhone enthusiasts who simply want the finest Apple can provide - the iPhone 12 Pro Max manages to achieve that fairly well. Even after its release one year ago, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is an excellent mobile device. Now that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is available for purchase, it is just going to be a lot more difficult to get. However, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is an upgrade over the iPhone 12 Pro Max in a number of respects, making the purchase of the newer model worthwhile if you are unable to locate the older model anywhere in stock now that it has been discontinued.


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