Moonlight Folktales <br>A Mother's Meal 2

The stories of our childhood told under the brightness of the moonlight.

" Your Majesty I know  you must be tired of consulting different Seers all to no avail but I tell you this one is different, the things he can do I have not seen any other Seer done that" Mazi  Agu said. The King remained quite pondering on what was said, indeed he has consulted numerous priests but none was able to give a solution to his problem and he knew how heart broken him and his wives felt after everything became futile he didn't want to experience such again but if the Seer is as powerful as Mazi Agu had said then he should give him a try, so he ordered for the Seer to be brought. It took several days before the Seer came for where he was , was very far from King Anozie's kingdom. King Anozie welcomed him warmly, he gave him one of the best rooms in the palace with good food and drink and the Seer was very pleased. In the evening of his arrival, the King told him of his present predicament and how much he had suffered and he was greatly assured . The next day, the Seer asked to met with the king's wives, all were present except Chika the King's seventh wife.

 Now Chika was the least favoured wife of the King, King Anozie didn't marry her out of choice for she was given to him as a payment of an aged long debt. Chika didn't enjoy the rights of a Queen for she was treated like a servant by the rest wives and this was because she came from a poor home, she had no standing and no backing. The rest wives had powerful backings for some were princesses or daughters of prominent Chiefs  and so they could not offend each other most especially the first wife Queen Oluchi , the rest wives feared and respected her a lot due to the fact that the King loved her and wouldn't want to hear she was wrongfully treated . There was a time when the third wife Queen Chioma offended Queen Oluchi and the King punished her greatly for it and ever since the rest wives had respected her and all picked on Chika since the King never cared for her.  Chika has no maids and she lived in a hut far from the main palace so she didn't know anything about the Seer or his request to meet with them , so on the morning that the wives were to present themselves to the King and the Seer, Queen Oluchi called Chika and told her to visit her farm to bring corn for her for she was craving for it , Chika didn't see it to be strange for she had been sent numerous times to the Queen's farm so she took her cutlass and left , seeing her leave Queen Oluchi smilled evilly she knew Chika won't be back on time for the farm she sent her to was a very long distance from the palace. This is how it has been in the palace with the Queens except for Chika discreetly plotting against one another, no one wants the other to bear the heir for they all want to be the mother of the heir . Queen Oluchi knew she wouldn't be able to deceive the rest wives but removing Chika from the picture was enough and she just have to hope she would be the lucky one. 

  " Are these all your wives ? " the Seer asked . The King was furious for Chika wasn't there so he asked Queen Oluchi about Chika and he was told she went to the farm but she didn't mention it was her farm nor she was the one who sent her but the rest wives knew but didn't say anything for they too didn't wanted her there. The King was so furious and almost went breathless, he was afraid the Seer would be disappointed and would leave. Fortunately the unperturbed Seer said nothing  and went about doing what he came for . He brought out a small earthen pot , a piece of yam, an alligator pepper, oil and ... , seeing all these baffled the king and his wives for they wondered what he was to do with all of these things, is he about to cook? they all thought. The Seer called one of the wives to set a fire and he began to cook , he prepared porridge and said " I have placed a seed of alligator pepper in the food and one of you must eat it " . Then he called the wives one after the other to have a taste of the food and in order of hierarchy they came to have a taste but nothing happened, just then Chika walked in and saw what was before her she became confused and asked " What is going on here ?" The King immediately became furious with her but the Seer immediately beckoned for her to come have a taste of the food, she walked slowly to the Seer of which the King yelled at her to be fast and had a taste , immediately she swallowed the food she felt a sudden burning feeling in her mouth and quickly requested for water " Water water I need water my mouth is burning" she pleaded. At this, the Seer smiled and told her to breath it into the mouths of the rest wives , immediately they rushed forward and she breath into their mouths.


 To be continued...


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