Men Need To Do These 11 Things To Make Their Ladies Happy In A Relationship

Do you ever give her a big smile when you compliment her on a new haircut or outfit? Little things like these are what make a relationship work. Grand gestures have a different impact than small gestures. Do these 11 things to keep making an impact; your actions may mean the world to her.


1. Assisting her with her decision:

Women favor men who assist them with their shopping over males who do not. They regard having a partner who would rather share his taste with her while shopping than stroll out of the store blind to her selections as a blessing. If you can help her choose between the two red colors, you're the man.


2. Bringing her favorite foods home:


We all let down our safe-diet guard when it comes to our favorite foods, and women, in particular, are known to have a higher affinity for food than men. So, if you chance to be strolling by her favorite restaurant or deli, don't be shy to buy her favorite sandwich or cake, because there's no way she won't be pleased when she opens the door and sees her favorite meal in your hands. It's something you should do because you want to be happy.



3. Providing assistance in the kitchen:

Your small aid will make her adore you even more when it's her turn to cook and she's not whining but the kitchen is a disaster. It's a tiny gesture, but it means a lot to her, and she recognizes it. As a result, turning off the television and walking to the kitchen to provide assistance is always a smart idea.



4. Permitting her to dress in your clothes:


Aside from eating and a variety of other activities that make her feel special and happy, she enjoys wearing or borrowing your clothes. Have you caught a glimpse of her face as she emerges from behind your long shirt, which completely conceals her upper body and arms? Have you noticed her snuggled up in your jacket, warm and toasty? If this is the case, do you even have a girlfriend?



5. Taking beautiful pictures with her and uploading them:

Even if you're not the outspoken sort and don't want the rest of the world to know how much you love your girlfriend/wife, sharing beautiful photographs with her on social media will make her feel special. The arrogance in this act expresses your pleasure in possessing her and your want for the entire world (or at least your friend list) to see how happy she makes you.



6. Being Serious About Your Relationship:

If she arranged dates, celebrated birthdays, was supportive, and did all the right things at the appropriate moment, she'll consider herself lucky. It meant the world to her to date and then take her relationship seriously, especially when she did. It's difficult to keep hold of people, but if you can keep hold of her and overcome every obstacle just to be with her, that will mean the world to her.



7. Compliments that are pleasant:


A single good compliment from you, the person she most trusts, would mean the world to her if she's anxious about her not-so-perfect cosmetics and isn't thrilled with her final look before going to a party. It's a red indicator when we start doubting our appearance right before leaving, so you'll be doing both of you a favor by complimenting us.


8. Sending her nice text messages 


Random, untimely texts with a romantic one-liner or a cheesy pickup line work wonders, especially after a long engagement. The difference between good morning and good night texts is even wider, implying that even after spending so much time with them, they remain the first person you think of in the morning and the last person you think of before going to sleep. It is really important to her that you make time for her.



9. Be assured rather than arrogant. Women admire self-assured guys, but arrogance is a turnoff. We don't expect you to be self-assured at all times. In fact, we admire your openness and willingness to convey your emotions. It's seductive, though, when you trust in your own value.



10. Don't be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself to laugh at yourself and lighten up. Life may be unpredictable, especially at this age. We adore it when people can laugh at themselves in the face of adversity.



11. Make sure you follow through. Do what you claim you're going to do. False promises reveal a person's bad character. We're not interested in your meaningless words. We'd like to know that you're serious about what you say. A strong relationship is built on the foundation of integrity.


Ijeoma Anyah

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