6 Things Husbands Should Stop Doing To Their Wives If They Want A Happy Home

We have a lot expected of us as men, especially as husbands, and we sometimes need encouragement, training, and a mentor to help us become the man our wives, mothers, and children expect us to be in order to maintain a happy home.

There are times, however, when all we need is information to become the husband or wife our wives desire. Information on some of the mistakes we've been making, both consciously and unconsciously. Of course, we can't grant everyone's wishes, but some of the tips in this article can help men, particularly husbands, make their wives happy and their homes more pleasant places to live.



We all need encouragement from time to time as husbands as we strive to be the men God has called us to be. We require information at times and training at other times. We all need a mentor now and then—someone who can show us how to be godly men and love our wives as Christ loves the church.


And there are times when we need to know what we should refrain from doing. It's possible that we'll need someone to tell us, "Hey, stop acting like a jerk!"


That is the purpose of this list.


1. Quit acting like you don't have to love, appreciate, and seduce your wife. Tell her sweet things, get her gifts, and enjoy yourself with her as you did before the wedding.



2. Don't use your strength, stature, or fury to frighten your wife and children. Your home will most likely be a happy place if you treat them with love, care, and respect.



3. Don't expect your wife to take care of all of the household chores on her own, especially when she comes home from work. Make her believe that her work at home is less important or hard than yours. Helping her does not make you a bad guy; on the contrary, it strengthens her feelings for you.



4. Don't put your friends ahead of your family. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance while spending time with friends and family is essential. Every woman, whether it's her own or her husband's, yearns for a man's attention.



5. Give up trying to control or treat your wife like a child. If you have to correct her, do so respectfully. Allow her to make her own choices and embrace and trust them; she is your partner, wife, and adult, not your child.



6. No matter how angry you are, don't humiliate your wife in front of your friends, children, or in public places by criticizing her.


It's important to note that not all of these will work for every male; however, we hope that they will help men who follow these safety procedures at home.


1. Stop acting as if you've already won the battle of pursuing and getting to know your wife. Have a good time together, just like you did before the wedding.


2. If your wife is a stay-at-home mom, stop treating her as if her work is somehow less demanding or important than yours during the day.


3. Stop coming home from work and plopping down in front of the television for the evening, leaving your wife to deal with the rest of the household.


4. Reduce the amount of time you spend working. Strike a good balance between job and family life. Your wife would prefer you to a large house, a nice car, and so on.


5. Stop pretending to listen when you're actually watching TV.


6. Don't let your wife take over the spiritual leadership of the family.


7. When it comes to disciplining and training your children, don't be passive.


8. Stop claiming that you understand and know what your wife is saying or feeling when you haven't even listened to her.


9. Stop acting as if you're a closed book. Tell your wife everything that's on your mind. Don't be frightened to express your feelings.


10. Stop using your position as the family's leader as an excuse for selfish behavior. Remember that a genuine leader is also a servant.


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