Tiny magnets may hold the key to developing new quantum computers.

Magnetic interactions could lead to the development of miniaturized quantum devices.

Magnetism has played a part in critical discoveries that transform our society, from MRI devices to computer hard disk storage. Magnetic interactions may play a role in relaying quantum information in the nascent field of quantum computing.

Scientists at the Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have established efficient quantum coupling between two distant magnetic devices that can house a type of magnetic excitation known as magnons, according to new research. When an electric current generates a magnetic field, these excitations occur. Magnons can share energy and information through coupling. This type of coupling could be beneficial in the development of new quantum information technology devices.

"The first step, or virtually a prerequisite, for undertaking quantum work with magnetic systems is remote coupling of magnons," stated the researcher.

Ibrahim Muktar

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