What It Takes For A Man To Look Attract In A Woman's Eyes

Isn't it true that we're all drawn to other people? Perhaps we are attracted to him/her because of his/her distinguishing qualities. Do you think there are people that aren't attracted to either gender?


If we are walking down the street and see someone who catches our eye, we will adore and occasionally be attracted to them. Maybe it's because we like them and our sixth sense tells us something about them. People are attracted to their opposite gender in this world, which might be male or female, although there are many changes in this world. 


Both men and women are drawn to one another nowadays. People who do not feel attraction to both genders are referred to as "asexuals." This is not an inborn condition, as asexual people are frequently affected by past trauma, which causes them to lose interest in sexual activities.


Have you ever pondered why women gravitate toward men? It's natural, but are there any reasons why guys appear beautiful to women? I've seen many instances where women are drawn to males because of their distinctive features. 


A woman can't stop thinking about that person as a result of such attraction, and she will think about him every day. Sometimes a woman has already fallen in love with a man and is making the initial move to make him fall in love with her as well. So, what makes a man appealing?


Men are appealing to women for a variety of reasons.


Face with a Good Look

It is one of the most common reasons why women are drawn to guys. Some women make an effort to learn a man's name if he has good appearance. I'm not implying that all women behave in this manner, but in real-life situations, some women do. As a result, if you're a good-looking person in this world, consider yourself lucky.


Beautiful Voice

There are ladies who are drawn to males with attractive voices. Women prefer it when a man sings to them, especially love songs. When a woman hears a man's voice, a part of her begins to be interested in him. 


To be honest, I'm not a particularly attractive man, yet certain women are drawn to my voice. I'm not bragging; I asked my girlfriend why she fell in love with her man, and she told me that his voice is so good that it makes her weak whenever he sings for her. It has been established that if you are not attractive but have a pleasing voice, women will be drawn to you, and this is the initial stage of love development.



Respectful of other people

I feel that women fall in love with guys based on their attributes and attitudes rather than their physical looks. Many women have fallen in love with guys because of their respect for themselves and the people around them. Being a man, I believe that respect can help you become a better person. People who surround you will begin to admire and befriend you. If you're lucky, you might encounter a woman who adores you for your unique qualities. It's uncommon to find a lady who will love a man who has fallen in love because of his attitude.



To all the males out there, I understand that we all have the same idea that women only fall in love with good-looking people, but that mindset must be abandoned. There have been ladies who have loved a man based on his attributes rather than his appearance. It's hard to find one, but fate will provide a means for us to meet a woman who will accept us regardless of our social level.


As you can see, from the list, ladies usually fall in love with guys that are attractive, guys with nice voiceabd other good qualities listed above. 


What do you like in a guy, and what are the qualities that can make you fall for a man?


Ijeoma Anyah

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