Reasons Why We Find People Attractive Whenever We Drink Alcohol, Check It Out

It's normal to observe that after spending the night with someone you met at a party, you notice that you're less interested in them when you meet them in broad daylight. Some facts shed light on this perplexing impact that we've all noticed.

Alcohol, as we all know, dehydrates us a little (or a lot). As a result, many people alter their daily conduct to the point where they appear to be a completely different person. Don't we all have a friend like that?


This behavior could be explained by the lack of light, which undoubtedly masks some flaws.


However, the most common cause of this impact is alcohol. We tend to regard persons around us as more attractive the more alcohol we consume, especially if our romantic-affective predisposition is high.



Anyone who has ever been in a packed bar near closing time will tell you that the more drink you consume, the more desirable you appear to be to whoever you happen to be flirting with at last call. Their eyes twinkle, their smile is brilliant, and everything about them is seductive, appealing, and irresistible. You might not give them a second glance if you were stone-cold sober, and if you get carried away and spend the night with your new acquaintance, you might wake up the next morning wondering what the hell you were thinking – and seeing.



Alcohol and sexual attractiveness perception

Indeed, there is a phenomenon known as "beer goggles," which raises libido and removes social inhibitions, making us more likely to establish contact with someone we would not be attracted to if we were sober.


Your perception is influenced by alcohol.

Science reveals why we get more attracted to other individuals after a few drinks. According to research from the universities of Glasgow and Saint Andrews, both women and men find the faces of the opposite sex to be 25% more attractive than those who do not drink alcohol.


Another study, conducted at Bristol University, found that after drinking 70 centiliters of beer, research participants rated other people's attractiveness as being 10% greater (the equivalent of three pints). It was also shown that the other person's sex had no bearing on the rise in perceived attractiveness: males found other men more appealing, and women found other women more beautiful, independent of sexual preference.



Alcohol use, according to experts, changes our ability to recognize asymmetry in other people's faces and bodies, causing us to misjudge their beauty.


Bilateral symmetry is one of the cornerstones of physical appeal, without getting into other cultural factors of beauty.


Alcohol affects our visual awareness of asymmetries in other people, according to research from Roehampton University in London. This supports the theory that alcohol serves as a symmetrizer, making persons we view while drunk more attractive.


Alcohol makes other people more beautiful, but it also makes oneself more desirable.

A few more points: researchers at the Pierre Mendes-France Université de Paris have discovered that the "beer goggles" effect works in both directions: alcohol boosts our sense of others' attractiveness while also making us feel more beautiful.


The purpose of this study was to compare the self-perception of attractiveness of numerous people who drank alcohol to the self-perception of attractiveness of a control group who were given a drink that tasted like alcohol but didn't actually contain alcohol.


Those who consumed alcohol had greater self-perceptions of attractiveness than those who did not.


The obvious conclusion is that it will be easier to form a relationship with someone who has consumed alcohol than with someone who has not, not only because of the disinhibition caused by alcohol, but also because of the tendency to symmetrize faces, making them appear more attractive than they are.


It's all about perceptions, and alcohol causes us to see things in new ways, or even as we genuinely experience them, but we dismiss them due to social stigmas.


All of this, however, does not imply that everything is a lie at the end of the night; we simply follow our instincts in a different way. Of course, you may or may not be dissatisfied the next day.


So, how about you? Have you had anything similar happen to you?


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