Should you chose your relationship over your career?? <br>Or should you chose career over your relationships?? <br>What happens after your decision??



Relationship and career might not be the same thing but they work hand in hand and one can influence the other, and one can also kill the other. 

It’s very appropriate to want a romantic partner who shares your ambitions, goals, and dreams in that way your relationship influences your career in major ways. If your partner believes and invests in your goals and pushes you to accomplish everything in your professional life, you are actually more likely to succeed in your career. Not only because your partner will push you to get out of your comfort zone (in other words, tell you to get a raise), but also because you will receive constant praise and admiration from your partner, which will motivate you even more to work harder and do more. With the right support, you can advance in your career smoothly and reach your goal more quickly while maintaining a great relationship.


Nobody should cause you to be in a position where you will have to choose your relationship or your life ambitions, cause if your said partner is really in love with you or if someone loves you they motivate and push you to be the best you can be and not give you limitations and barriers.

If anybody should place you in that position and still say they love you just know that their love for you is not real.

My dear friend flee for your life, cause friends and partners are in your life to support and uplift you not pit you down and trample all over you.

You cannot forget and forsake who you are and what you desire to achieve because of your relationship, that you have no idea if it will last. What if after you dint pursue your dreams and you listened to him and after years of being together he leaves for another, then what would you do.

Instead your relationship should be able to stand firm behind you, give you all the morale support that you need to reach those heights you set for yourself. That why it is adviced that you find someone who drives you, pushes you  and motivates you to win all the time.

When someone loves someone truly, they don't tell the person to dump their own goals they encourage you to grow.

They help you achieve thise goals and dreams just only to see the pleasant smile on your face that says I mad it.

If you ever find yourself in such situations. Please

Take a walk and never look back, if other will not fight for you, tou should be willing to fight for your own future, your needs and wants.

There are ways to balance your relationship and career:-



In relationship communication is one of the major thing that is needed cause if tou don't communicate tour feelings your partner won't know what you want or need or know when he has done something wrong.



Asking for help is another thing even if you partner doesn't know anything about your career or work asking for help show that you appreciate their help and value their presence which is good.



both problems from work and the relationship, this will help partmers be able to understand you and relate with what tour saying, in a way that they can render advice to you even on work related matters.



always make time from your busy schedule to check on your partners, be with them, listen to them, encourage them, have fun with them, appreciate them, and if tou have gotten to that state, make sure that tour sexual life is kept alive and active. To avoid tour partners thinking that you are paying to much attention to your work and ignoring them, therefore making them to cheat on you, that would ruin you.


Never look back at that thing that is trying to pull you back rather fight it till you come out on top the conquer. 

It's you that is in the relationship and if you loose you? You have lost the relationship.


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