Gmail SMTP Server not Working, How to Fix it?

SMTP or Simple mail transfer protocol is an internet standard communication protocol which is used by the users to send as well as receive messages using all mail servers for the users on their device. 

Nowadays, the users are facing issues like they are not able to use SMTP and for them Gmail SMTP server not working but they do not need to worry as in this blog we are going to provide the users with the ways they can use to fix this issue which they are dealing with. So, without any further ad on to this let us being to know about it. 

Ways to fix Gmail SMTP not working for the users – 

Disabling two step verification 

The users can follow the steps which are mentioned below for them so that they can disable the two step verification on their device to fix Gmail outgoing SMTP server issues for the users.

The users need to begin with going to their Gmail account and then from there they need to select manage account option from the menu. 

Following this the users need to press on security option and then pres on two step verification. 

After putting in the password of Gmail the users need to turn off the two step verification and then confirm the procedure. 

Allowing less secure ways to fix the issue 

The users need to sign in to their account and then press on security tab on the screen to fix Gmail SMTP issue

Now, the users need to scroll down and press on less secure app option following which they need to turn on the access from drop down menu and then lastly the users need to enable the allow less secure option of the screen to fix the issues which the users have been facing.

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