5 things that make me believe Nigeria is still in the stone age - A continuation - Number 2

When you apprehend a criminal, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? This is a read on how our impulsive nature still keep us in the stone age.

This is a continuation of my article on 5 things that proves Nigeria is still in the stone age even in 2022. In my previous article I wrote about database and our gallant police force. Now I want to focus on ourselves, the good citizens of Nigeria. This article will focus on ourmindset and thirst for blood. The second thing that made me categorize Nigeria as still being in the stone age is:

2. The mindset of our people: This is one topic I have been itching to talk about since. I will start by telling you what I overheard on radio when coming back from a job I went to do. I was so tired that day from the stress of the work and adding to the frustration there was a light traffic that day. The taxi driver has his radio turned on and the anchor of the braodcast brought out a topic of how a woman was mobbed to death in a state in nigeria I dont want to mention by people because she was alleged of being a witch. The story goes that she had a disagreement with a man whose name is redacted to some reasons and the said man accused her of being a witch. Once the gallant and vibrant youths of that community heard this accusation they went into action. They linched the lady beating her and dragging her to the igwes palace for judgment unfortunately for her the igwe was not available at that moment and so they pounced on her and intensified the beating. When some menebers of the police saw what was going on and tried to intervene they were pushed out and one of them was assulted by the youth. The woman died after receiving much beatings. When I heard this news I was tired but my tiredness turned to anger. To be honest with you I am frustrated of being a Nigerian. Firstly I want to give a thumbs up for the police who tried to intervene and stop that babaric act. 

Stories like this are what we hear on a regular basis in Nigeria. It is either someone was burnt to death for stealing or another was beating to death for one crime or the other. I even saw the one where a boy was nailed to a tree for stealing. My question now is, this behavior of our people does it represents that of civilized people or barbaric stone age people. Humanity have evolved past the level were we act on impulse rather than rationality. In the stone age where life was all about hunting and killing, humans acted on impulse, they allowed their impulsive nature override their sense of rationality. Humanity have overgrown this stage and today no developed country solve issues of crimilaity by either beating, burning or doing anything contrary to the law. 

The worst part of it all is that these barbaric act are comitted against people who are only just accused of comiting a crime. So many innocent people have died due to the blood thirsty babaric nature of our people. If we claim to have gone past the stone age, why are acts like this still done. We have laws for a reason, we make laws not just to keep us in check but to make us live in a more civilized manner. I know and understand how the state of our country is, yes, i understand that we are suffering, yes I understand that we are in poverty, yes, I understand that  it is very heartbreaking to have what you suffered for taking from you by people, but if we continuously allow our impulsive nature to control us we will end up no where. Today it might not be your relative being mobbed so it will not bother you however if we all do nothing tomorrow it might be someone we know. We might have lost faith in our judiciary system and police force, but taking laws into our hands and acting as judge, jury and executioner is not and never the right way. 

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