5 things that makes me still believe Nigeria is still in the stone age even at 2022 - A mini series

The world is in 2022. An age where technology is everything, however over here in Nigeria, we still seem to be stuck in 10,000BC. This write up will show us why.

5 things that still proves Nigeria is still in the stone age even at 2022

Last week I was watching a crime documentary, it was about a serial killer who targets children. He kidnaps them, sexually assault them and kills them. Now the funny part of the documentary was that the crims were committed in the late 1900's (1997) but 11 years later detectives were able to apprehend and convict the culprit. This made me begin to think hard. Imagine this crime was commited and even after eleven years they were still able to apprehend the culprit. I asked myself this question, if this was to happen in Nigeria will the culprit ever be captured. I am also putting this question to everyone of you. 

This question I asked myself and more made me come up with this article. 

Here are 5 things that still.prove even in 2022 our beloved Nigeria is still in the stone age. 

1. Database: Yes! This! Database what is database? Database is an organized structure where informations about people are being stored. Have you asked yourself why is it that the bank want to take my fingerprint and other personal informations about me before opening my account. The answer is simple, because they have a database and want to add your information to their database. Now the question is apart from the bank and other private organizations, is their any other form of database in Nigeria. Please don't tell me Drivers license or Voters card or NiN because all these are not worth talking about. If I want any of these cards now all I need to do is go to these offices with enough money, pay the workers their and get this cards with whatever name and fingerprint I give them. We don't have any organized form of database where all the cortect informations of everyone is stored. That is why I can comit a crime now and leave the crime scene with so much evidence such as DNA samples, Fingerprint samples and other clues and go and relax in my village. I swear to you in the next 20 years no one will still know who commited the crime. Why is that so? Because their is no form of database to store information. It is difficult to commit a crime in the devoleped country and live freely because with just your hair sample you can be identified. From my introduction, the only way the man was caught after 11 years was because they had a database so the samples from the crime scenes were stored and when DNA testing was introduced it was easy to identify him. Can we boast of this in our beloved country. 

I feel ashamed when I watch the news and go online and see our gallent police officers parading suspected criminals. My God!!! Where do you parade a suspect? I know for a fact that until you have concrete evidence against someone you cannot arrest and hold that person beyond a certain amount of time. Why is it that when it comes to our case, we will be parading suspects? Do our gallant police officers even know what the word suspect mean?. If someone is a suspect that means he is yet to be proven guilty and so is still innocent. So why do we parade them? I am not saying we should not arrest criminals I am only angry why instead of charging that criminal to court you are parading them.. What if there lawyers are able to prive them innocent later in court after you have paraded them as a criminals? What will you do then. 

We are supposed to have gone past the level we are now. Our police force is a shame to all of us. We need to totally reconstruction on our police force. We need to re-inductrinate them, to teach them about the modern ways of how policing is done. We also need to introduce modern facilities that will aid our rehabilited police force. Finally we need a database in this country. We need a way of having the informations of every citizen of Nigeria so as to effectively function as a modern society. 

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