Work smart not hard, prepare be ready start small and wait for your success.
Start no matter the trouble or stress and always have a backup plan, the year is just beginning



This is a new year 

This is a new month

This is march

And I have something to şay to everyone.

I know you’ve had plans drafted out and ready to be implemented and for some reasons you’ve not done anything yet or your still waiting for the right timing. 

Well, Personally (this is just my own personal opinion) I had plans, I had big plans and have finished learning and reading things I wanted to accomplish this year the required things I need to developed into and what is remaining is capital. 

Anf do you know why capital has being my problem? Because apart from not having enough money to start it up, fear of failure and the fact that I’m already calculating my returns instead of growth and because of that I’m looking at a particular range of capital, that is why I've not started.

And, because of that I was becoming frustrated already and feeling like I’m running out of time and that I won't be able to achieve it before the year ends.

I’ve sat down to look at it genuinely and I’ve noticed that I can start with a very minimal capital but the only thing is that it will take time to get to where I had in mind to reach this year and since I'm still in school struggling that might be a problem.


And because of my eyes being on the returns and what I can use the returns it for I was hoping to start big so that I can multi task and invest, I’ve had capitals that I could use and start but I didn’t use them to start because I felt they weren’t enough and that the plan might just fail with such a small capital, and this has made the plan stagnant

Also, because of all this, I was feeling like the year is not being productive and it’s paining me already.

Last night, I was talking with my girlfriend and she went all “babe stop acting like the year is finished already, this is March and you still have 9 months, it’s a lot of time for things to fall in place” 

And that was when it actually did hit on me that we still have 9 months left meaning there is still time to save up and hit my desired capital. So, I’m extending this message to you to let you know it's not over. 

This is March and you still have a whole 9 months and a lot can happen within this period of time, in not seeing you should last around cause you still have time oo.

Just like I'm trying to do stop targeting the returns when you’ve not even started, prepare to conquer or It will destabilize you, It will frustrate you,It will make you feel like you are running out of time or make you feel like you are misusing time.

You will spend more time being frustrated that you will spend time being calculative 

Stop counting on your failures and plans that didn’t work out and move. It’s not a bad year yet. It’s just two months gone. But don't lazy around cause before you know it the whole year will be gone.


I’m telling you this, target growth, get experiences, get trials, start as minimal and as small as you can afford. Trust me, i will shock you that you will grow into that standard you are looking at.

And if you can, most importantly, break out of this prison called “timing”. Don’t time yourself, take your time, do your thing, regardless of seasons, regardless of years.

I’m trying my best to break out of this prison, trust me, most times I do, few times I get caught, well that’s why I’m a human being and still work in progress 

This is March, you can start marching one step at a time

Do your best and let the lord handle the rest, no behold first start they first finish.


Work smart


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Chiamaka Okafor

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