Prayer can be said to be a way to communication with God.
Prayer can be done anywhere or time you must not kneel or stand you must not close your eyes about your face I'll put on a holy expression


Prayer can be said to be a way to communication with God.

Prayer can be done anywhere or time you must not kneel or stand you must not close your eyes about your face I'll put on a holy expression

Prayer is a devoted petition to God or anything that you want it. It is a form of being thankful rendering adoration or confessing your sins or just general worshipping prayer is giving our whole mind body and attention to God in a relationship which is between the person and God. Prayer is like a child conversation with his parents it is communicating with the transcendent realm or supernatural power that I believe to exist in religion. If you are a Christian, Muslim, Hinduism, idol worshiper, they all pray. They are ways and type of prayers.

Most religions consider vocal prayers and essential elements of their religion.

Prayer is a conversation with the supreme being that we believe in and this is also our way of trying to developed a personal meaningful relationship with him there are so many reasons why prayer is important:


Prayer is more than something to check up on it to do list it is very important in our life if you first-hand see the benefits of prayer and spending time with God you will know why it is very  important it is more than an obligation it is one of the greatest privilege since god is always available to us we can pray and communicate heart to heart conversation with him at any time other day or night and he will always have a listening ear and guide us and it is very important because :

1.We promote the kingdom of God trust in him.

2. Prayer can set the atmosphere of your day it can make you had a good day and make everything go in the right direction for you or if you don't do it you might have a bad day.

3. Starting your day with prayer we help you get your mind on the right place and fill your heart with joy.

4. It's set your mind on God and all his goodness.

5. Prayer helps you make Better Decisions that is if you ask God for help and run to him he will help you and guide you to the right past.

6. God for help and guidance and really listen to him instead of rushing off.

7. Daily prayer keeps God always  on your mind and make him always close to you.

8. Play a part of your everyday life then you will see things start to change for the better in all Direction.

9. Why you prayed more you noticed god at work around you all day, all week, all round. 

10. And just like the song says prayer is the key, prayer is the key, prayer is the master key, Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer, prayer is definitely the master key.

11. More frequent prayer and communication with God do the stronger relationship with God.


As a parent you must teach your kids to pray and trust and only hope in God, not to the point were they become lazy and say always that the lord will provide.

The lord will provide but just as it says in the Bible, faith without good work is a dead faith. You must be hard working as there is no food for a lazy man, of u sit at home all day doing nothing the blessing that you have been praying for that the lord has set for you outside will not come to your door, you must go out and work to claim or receive the blessing.



You should always pray and never cease to stop even in your greatest pain and weakness, pray even in your greatest joy, prosperity and pleasure beyond measures you should never forget to pray as you must be grateful at every time, and most notl only run to God or be prayerful when you are in trouble or distress.  Pray in all seasons, as even in your greatest moments more blessings may still flow.


So no matter what you do today just put God first and watches your day goes in the best way possible.

Cause with God all things are possible.

Say a prayer today.


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