Relationship major turnoff's (for both guys and ladies in relationships)

We all need love but that doesn't lean that we should play second fiddle to anyone or that we should settle for less, we should not joke or play with other people's emotion cause you are doing more harm than good

Turn off in relationships

Relationships are a very sensitive subject, and most people avoid discussing them because of the stress and anxiety they may cause. So many people  try so hard to have a stable and good relationship but that doesn't always work out so most people try to avoid it which is not in their best interest because relationships are a part of life greatest achievements

In life the biggest goals are growing up making money and having someone you can entrust yourself to, that is trying to feel appreciated and to be able to unburden your burden on them so that they will help you carry it advice you and shelter you in your times of need and want emotionally.

But most people tend to take advantage of this by misusing people's emotion I'm playing with them like when someone uses you for their own personal benefit like when they are benefiting money goods or gift from you or you have let them misbehave for certain amount of time they tend to downgrade and disrespect you which is not good for a relationship.


Regardless of how I've fallen completely in love with someone. No matter how much I adore someone, If you put me on the "I don't know but let's see how it goes" or "let life unfold" list, I'll be fine. I'll be fine because people tend to take advantage of people's emotion like for example when someone is in a relationship that is not working, or the suspects that they are being cheated on instead of leaving such relationship they tend to put one foot in the relationship and put another out of a relationship nearby securing themselves.

Sometimes people go ahead to seek other people that will give them comfort but when they notice that their other partners are beginning to come back to them they abandon someone or the person that has Bean trying to start up a relationship with them therefore leaving the person emotionally damaged or otherwise.

This is why I don't take this part of things serious, I'm probably going to leave quietly until I'm emotionally impoverished in front of you.


Let's see how it goes isn't well-intentioned, allowing life to happen is unintentional.


It usually appears when there are alternatives, like when someone is waiting for something else and using you to pass time.


When you don't have any intentions, life isn't kind to you it leaves you behind and flow along.


It just puts you in a situation where you keep trying to make sure that at the end it goes in your favour whereas the person isn't doing anything, and when it doesn't it can leave you emotionally damaged or make you feel unwanted or underappreciated which is not a good feeling.


And if at the end nothing goes, and when it doesn't work out you end up losing twice.


You've lost time, you've lost emotional investment.


These days, if there's lack of intentionality and certainty, I try not to have hope because you don't keep your hope high when things are not in control.


I mean, we are either making it work or not 


If we want to see how things goes, then I will leave my own options open too. If it happens that we end up together? Good. It doesn't? Good.


But sticking around to see how things goes? It will most of the time not go your way, brethren


When people make this statements, it means they are struggling to include you, so therefore, they are keeping you at a situation where they can include you whenever they can.

You shouldn't settle for less or be someone's second choice you should be the first Choice you should not struggle for a place in someone's heart it's either you are there or you are not so try to appreciate yourself so that you won't leave room for others to under appreciate you.


Life shouldn't be this hard but we are humans, we tend to make mistake and make things that are supposed to be quite simple hard.


Hope you make the right decision today and before wanting to be the first in someone's life try to be the first in your own life


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