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Might it be said that you are confronting Canon Printer Error Code 6000 while working on your Canon printer or printing some archive? In the event that indeed, it is our idea to initially check the Line Feed as such sort of mistake shows just when there is an issue with a line feed. There are mostly three fundamental reasons for getting this blunder code. The potential outcomes are: the line feed is either damaged, a few little particles are caught in the line feed drive, or the line feed sensor unit is flawed. Prior to managing any issue, first, all of you really want to distinguish the reasons for going up against such hardships and afterward ought to attempt to destroy the issue. Thus, in the event that you are getting flopped in doing such, get Contact Canon Technical Support at the solace from your zone. One of our master nerds will direct you to every one of the potential reasons as well as arrangements of such a blunder code.


What Can Cause Canon Printer Error Code 6000

Below we have mentioned some common unfavorable conditions which may cause such an error:

  • It mainly arises when some dust particles or pieces of paper come into the paper feed tray
  • This error code may also arise when the tray is not appropriately seated on the printer
  • This error may also occur when you try to give multiple paper print commands to print at the same time
  • Due to scratch in Line Feed


Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 6000

Keep your eyes feast on the below-given points and perform the same task:

  • First, unplug your Canon printer device from the power switch, and leave it for a few seconds in the same mode
  • Now, re-plug the power cord into the power switch to turn the Canon printer back ON
  • Now make sure the paper tray is properly set. If it is not, make it
  • If any object is stuck in the printing path, remove that object carefully
  • Now check whether a torn piece of paper is present in your Canon printer. If any single object or torn paper is inside, remove them smoothly
  • Check if any part of the printer is defective. Replace the same with a new one the part is defective

Go through all the above instructions very carefully if you are encountering this 6000 error code as it is an easy and less time-consuming solution. If yet you are finding any difficulties, then you can also directly connect with our ij.start canon via dialing the Canon Printer helpline number+1-855-800-3376 for reliable assistance. So, don’t do late in making a call because as sooner as you contact us you will get an instant or handy remedy within your budget.


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