Gorgeous, gracious, glamorous, courageous, vivacious, famous, friendly, fund to be with. Black, brave, bold and dangerously beautiful. Hannah, the desire of any right thinking man!



She was the dream of any right thinking man. She was the desire of any lustful thinking man. She was the admiration of any rightful thinking man. She was the treasure of any hard working man, she was the right answer to a prayer warrior, a piller of support to an assiduous man. She was simply the best thing that could ever happen to any man. No man sets his eyes on her once, that would not repeat the gesture more than twice. She was everything to every man. 


Sexy, sassy, sweat and very smart. Black, beautiful, bold and very brave. Vivacious, industrious, precious and very courageous. She is creative, proactive, innovative and productive. A complete woman in a class of her own. A proud woman that needed no man's approval to stand on her own. A strong willed woman that always holds herself in high esteem no matter the present predicament. She is never tensed no matter the ranging storm or the intensity of the tempestuous and tumultuous ocean. She is always cool, calm and collected. Elated, always excited, ready to lend a gracious hands of help to who ever needs it.


That was the woman I fell in love with few years ago. She completely changed my world - she blew my mind away, she stole my heart away! At first, I thought I was unqualified due to the innumerable number of young men flocking around her, seeking her hand in marriage; day and night. When I first met her, a cold breeze ran through my body, from the crown of my head, to the sole of my feet. I felt a misture of unquantifiable happiness and at the same time, I felt inadequate due to the thought that I could not have her heart. 'There is no harm in trying', I said to myself. I summoned the last courage in me as a man to express my intention toward her. To my utmost amazement, she told me she felt the same way but with a clause! She said she loved me in the exact proportion with which I loved her but my chances of having her permanently to myself were very slim. I told her I would love to take my chances even though she insisted I don't.


She warned me yes, she warned me! She pleaded with me not to fall on love with her, I refused outrightly. I insisted that I would love to explore my chances even though they were as tiny as the thread inside a needle. Now! look at me, take a good look at me. A lovelorn, unhappy, rejected and dejected lover. The love of my life dumped me on Valentine's day (February 14). Just when I thought I have finally won her heart. Just when I thought I already have her at by Beck and core. Just when I was relishing my victory over other bitter but better rivals who were battling to win her love. She disappeared like a vapor on Valentine's day without valediction. She vanished into the hands of another man, now I am a broken man. 


Hannah, my mother's name. She bears my biological mother's real name. She is the best I ever had. Till date, I still think about her. She has built a mansion inside my mind, she has erected a castle right in the middle of my soul. I have traveled far and wide. I have shuttled from north to south hoping to find the same feeling close to what I had with Hannah. But it seems I will keep searching forever! I have dived down the deepest oceans, climbed high to the highest hills, I have run faster than the fasted runner, hapless, hopeless, chasing to catch up with the exact ecstacy I once had with Hannah but the more I run, the farther it gets from me. How can love be this cruel? how can feelings be this deceptive? How could I feel so happy with Hannah and cannot feel same with dozens of other woman I have being with ever since I broke up with her. I wanted that same feeling I once had with Hannah so badly and it made me to jump from one relationship into another still without luck, Now! I guest it's time to give up! 



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