3 Young Celebrities Who Took Their Own Lives

Celebrities often suffer from depression that mostly emanates from living under the spotlight. While some can handle it, others can’t.

Depression is one of the most popular causes of suicide in the society these days and celebrities have clearly not been exempted from this issue. Three young celebrities who took their own lives will be mentioned below.

1 Riky Rick: Less than a month ago, this South African musician was found dead. He apparently committed suicide on the 23rd of February 2022. Riky Rick was just thirty-four years old when he passed away leaving behind a wife and two kids.

2 Avicci: This man's death shook the music industry in the year 2018. His cause of death was also identified as suicide. Avicci left behind a huge legacy of songs that he worked on with various artists and he is considered as one of the greatest disc jockeys and producers of his time.

3 Cheslie Kryst: As a one time Miss U.S.A, Cheslie Kryst found her way to stardom and she remained famous until her death. On the 30th of January 2022, Cheslie Kryst was found dead after apparently jumping from her storey building.

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