How to Remove the Ink Cartridge from a Canon Pixma Printer?

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Cleaning the printer and changing the ink in the printer are the two most essential advances that you ought to know about. The interaction is very basic and exceptionally simple to follow. You simply have to painstakingly peruse the directions. Canon printers are one of the most mind-blowing selling printers on the lookout. They are easy to understand with top-notch printing highlights. The printer brand has various models however the fundamental stages and strategy for changing ink continue as before. You can likewise find the methodology in the printer manual you get while buying the printer. Here we will examine the means for Canon on the best way to change ink. Prior to continuing on toward how you can change the ink in the printer, you must know how to check the amount of ink the printer possesses. In the event that the ink levels are low just, do you continue on toward supplanting the Fix Printer Ink Cartridge? The Canon printer should be associated with an Internet gadget like your telephone or PC. This will permit you to get to your printer settings and see every one of the subtleties and settings of the printer.


How to check Ink Cartridge levels in Canon printer?

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. There must be a Windows notification area at the bottom-right corner of your desktop.
  3. You would see a printer icon. Click on the printer icon.
  4. You will see a drop down menu. Select the “properties” or “preferences” option.
  5. The ink levels are displayed in the printer’s setting window for the currently installed ink cartridges.

After knowing the ink levels in your printer. Let’s see the steps for how to change Fix Printer Ink Cartridge Canon Pixma. Before installing the ink cartridges in the printer. Make sure that the ink is compatible with the printer. It is recommended that you buy the same brand of printer ink as your printer. Check if you have the right covers. Be ready with the Fix Printer Ink Cartridge by uncovering them and removing the plastic cover. There is yellow tape on the ink cartridges, which must be removed. Let’s have a look at the steps.


How to change the Ink Cartridge in the Canon printer?

  1. Switch on your printer and lift the top cover.
  2. The cartridge will automatically move to the center.
  3. Gently push the tab on the front cartridge and lift it up to remove the old ink cartridge.
  4. The cartridge will pop out and you can carefully remove it.
  5. Take out the new cartridge from its packet. Make sure you do not touch the ink with your bare hands.
  6. Slide the new cartridge in the empty slot.
  7. The colors on the marker of the print head should match the ink cartridge.
  8. You will hear them click when all the ink cartridges would be in place.
  9. Close the printer lid carefully.

In the wake of shutting the tops of the printer. Click on affirm to permit the printer to introduce the new cartridges. The method involved with changing the Printer Ink Cartridge is presently finished. Continuously make a test print before you begin printing your records and pictures. In the event that there is any blunder it tends to be taken out without ruining the reports.

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