3 Female Celebrities That Admitted To Getting Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is quite popular among celebrities and while some celebrities deny having it, some have been bold enough to admit getting work done.

In our current society, plastic surgery is hardly frowned upon but not everyone is bold enough to admit getting work done on their bodies. However, we have a few bold celebrities who have publicly said they got surgery done.

1 Cardi B: It is no surprise that Cardi B made it to this list because she is known for being very transparent about her life. The talented rapper has admitted to getting surgery done even before she became famous. Cardi B admitted that as a teenager, she got butt enlargement injections in order to make herself feel more confident. Also, she admitted that the injections nearly killed her shortly after the procedure. Cardi B has also mentioned the fact that she got her teeth fixed in order to get a more symmetric appearance.

2 Kylie Jenner: It took Kylie Jenner a while before she admitted that she got lip fillers. Rumors started flying about her lip fillers around 2014 because there were notable changes in the size of her lips. At first, Kylie claimed that her lips appeared bigger because she overlined them with lipsticks. However, after sometime, Kylie admitted that she got lip fillers because she didn't feel confident about her natural lips.

3 Nicki Minaj: Even though she hasn't expressly said she got plastic surgery done, Nicki has often dropped hints in her songs about having a new body. This is a direct inference that she got plastic surgery done.

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