Who will compete with the League of Legends?

Zhang Aijing analysis of the data is not wrong the Apocalypse team's

Zhang Aijing analysis of the data is not wrong the Apocalypse team's comprehensive strength of the wild points the white wind close to points If you use conventional means to play even if Yu Luosheng's next road can play a little advantage it can not change the next Apocalypse team's strong teamwork ability and unparalleled ability to fight the group Apocalypse team likes to follow the rules they like to delay the rhythm because they like to choose the development hero they want to let the white wind have more development time everyone knows that ad formation is relatively slow In this case playing with them by conventional means is equivalent to entering their slow rhythm and plastic wheelie bins the probability of losing is very high Must disrupt their rhythm must push the tower without thinking will speed up the rhythm crazily must suppress the white wind do not give him any chance of equipment formation The white wind is very strong which Yu Luosheng knows very well

If you give him a minute to develop he will be able to increase the team's victory Bai Feng's defeat in the first two games on the one hand lnr's playing style disrupted his development rhythm on the other hand he ignored Yu Luosheng's strength Can wait for him to play seriously Yu Luosheng does not feel that he can take advantage of how much in his hands a comprehensive close to the ad how he can not be outstanding (Www MianHua Tang CC Cotton Candy Novel Network) Yu Luosheng will never underestimate any opponent He knew very well that the Apocalypse team would be very cautious in the third round and it would be very difficult to take the lead through some tactics Without the head advantage in the early stage Yu Luosheng will not be arrogant enough to crush the white wind At this point he will not be given an overwhelming advantage by the white wind at most But this is unable to change the superiority of the other side's wild play and their tacit understanding in the middle and late stages of the team battle With chaotic suppression tactics Yu Luosheng said It's not good to take out this tactic so early is it We are reserved for the long sky team "Big Luo froze" Only when we use it can we know what loopholes exist in this tactic Yu Luosheng said

The line-ups between the two sides has been finalized This time the white wind's ad is very decisive it is the wind as elegant as Izeril Izeril is the famous hero of the White Wind Since he took it first to some extent it shows that he has entered a serious state The other people's hero choices are basically finalized Zhou Yan chose the sword demon to fight wild this hero came out soon the domestic development degree is not very high But in foreign countries the sword demon is very strong and he must choose it On the list Da Luo chose his best wave hero the blind monk Ronaldo likes to use a single blind monk which he has used in previous matches On the single blind monk is not very common in the competition field after the big Luo has chosen this hero everybody's sound of discussion then resounded The tactics of lnr are very strange breaking the old global flow tactics plastic trash bins push tactics and big move tactics As soon as ln has anything special in the selection the

Apocalypse Team has a knot in their heart Paralyzed it's not another disgusting tactic like the first inning is it Subsequently Lin Dong's single chose the barrel The single wine barrel has become more and more popular in the near future which is mainly derived from the wine barrel operated by Hanbok This hero has displacement outbreak consumption and a powerful way to decompose other people's team battle formation There are many people who use wine barrels in China now but there are not many people who really play with wine barrels superbly Is there anything strange about this line-ups The wild Haoyue looked at each other's semi-conventional and unconventional line-ups and said with some uneasiness in her heart Had it not been for the nausea in the first round how could the confident Haoyue have such uneasiness White wind shook his head he also felt that there was some secret line-ups but when he went deep into it it seemed that there was not much difference between it and the usual line-ups "Oh coach ln is naughty again Is this intended to amuse everyone Or do you really want to choose this hero" The commentary miracle said Coach ln do you really want to use this hero Although this hero has appeared in the competition field it seems that the winning rate of the people who use him is not high After the two commentaries were so surprised the audience at the scene was also in an uproar

Yu Luosheng's choice of this hero at this time is so familiar that it can be said without hesitation that anyone who has played the League of Legends has operated her Yes she is the ice shooter who accompanied us to grow up in the novice training camp-love shooting sister Ice Shooter this hero generally appears in the matching game below level 10 because many people who play the plastic pallet manufacturer League of Legends for the first time are in the novice training camp Oh the first heroine to get started is Ice Shoot-Ash But as their ranks rise as their number of pits rises and as they are constantly sprayed by their teammates a hero they liked very much is gradually pulled into the blacklist Don't use ice "

Shit choose Mao Hanbing" "Ice" I hang up In the usual match and ranking you will never see teammates use such a tone to express their contempt and disdain for the hero of ice However love to shoot sister is really so frustrated really so pit Of course not It is said that the blind monk is not suitable for players below the platinum level The person who uses the ice bird is either a great God or a dish What about the ice Why do so many people have prejudice and contempt for ice That's because this hero no matter what level you reach you can't really handle her The fist company can be said to have set up a game at the very beginning The ice shooter is regarded as a rookie hero in the novice training camp but in fact even if many people use other heroes to become great gods in the future they will never dare to be arrogant and say that the hero of ice is very simple and they can play ice by themselves This fact will be more deeply understood with the promotion of your own level and rank And when Yu Luosheng in the choice of ice and press the OK button the first ADC white wind in the bottom of my heart is not like the vast majority of people's contempt and disdain Dare to choose ice where on earth do you get confidence cnplasticpallet.com


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